Best → QIANLAI Mini Five-Wheel Underwater Drone
QIANLAI Mini Five-Wheel Underwater Drone

QIANLAI Mini Five-Wheel Underwater Drone

QIANLAI Mini Five-Wheel Underwater Submarine Drone for Video Recording

QIANLAI Mini Five-Wheel Underwater Drone Features

  • Ultimate submarine drone for Aqua photography
  • Submarine drone with WiFi connectivity
  • Gives real-time underwater visualization
  • 4K and High-resolution video recordings

Qianlai - Drones That Goes To Deeper Depths

Are you looking for submarines that go into deeper depths and capture images with higher clarity? QIANLAI underwater drone is what you are looking for. It is the submarine drone for aqua photography and gives underwater visualization. 

QIANLAI has a 4k camera with 1080p HD video recording and comes with 12 million pixels. It can dive to a depth of 100m. This drone has a sensor size of 1/2.88 inches with a wi-fi connection. It is one of the on-demand underwater drones online. QIANLAI is controlled by a remote and distance is limited to 10m. The Bluetooth frequency of the drone is 2.4GHz. 

It is a GPS drone and displays its location promptly so that it can’t be lost. It has an FPV operation and is light in weight to be taken to any place quickly. This underwater drone takes images of the highest quality and restores true colors underwater. It records video with the highest quality and picture magnificently. You can efficiently operate this drone from the shore or boat and enjoy underwater scenes with the highest clarity. You can take your pictures during Scuba diving, underwater inspection, fishing, and just for fun. 

QIANLAI is a five wheeled miniature drone that drives with stability and has features similar to the Nemo underwater drone and DJG drone. Both have advanced technology without any connectivity problem. One enjoys taking pictures with this mini drone. It gives pictures with better quality, restores colors, and removes impurities. Enjoy all the scenery underwater without any difficulty.

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