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Toptal Freelance Platform For Business

Toptal Freelance Platform For Business

Toptal - Website To Find Programmers, Designers | Toptal Freelance

Toptal Freelance Platform For Business Features

  • Perfect freelancer for projects
  • Schedule job interviews for employees
  • Digital and technical project managers
  • Free cost freelancer trails and flexible invoicing
  • Hire visual design, UX, and prototyping experts
  • Live screening of candidates by professional experts
  • Get Advice and analytics from industry experts
  • Expertise digital and technical project managers

Toptal - A Reliable Platform to Hire Talented Freelancers

The Toptal Freelance Platform offers business services to people from all the different industries. It is considered the best freelance platform, and one can find top talent by matching with the right person and getting high-quality work done. This platform helps you hire the top 3% of the talent. Many business owners and entrepreneurs on this freelance platform have recommended this portal to offer great customer service similar to Design Crowd Freelance. This web developers freelance platform has many best software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers. The unique thing about the Toptal is the screening process of applicants that is done in five different steps to select the freelancers. The first phase is the language and personality phase, wherein those candidates who read, write, and speak English are screened. In addition to this, various personality traits, passion, and work ethics are taken into account. Next is the in-depth skill review, where this platform screens all the applicants for their technical knowledge and includes a coding test for testing one's programming skills.

Once the testing is completed, Toptal as a platform performs a live screening test where the experts see what all the candidate is capable of coding. Throughout a couple of weeks, the freelancer is made to complete a test project connected to the real-world scenario, and everything from competence to professionalism is tested. Upon completing this screening process, those selected should maintain high-quality work at all times, and if there is any lapse, the freelancer is made to let go. Like Fiverr Services, Toptal sets a high quality of standard for all the freelancers and has a quick placement process that intakes a new candidate every 24 hours. In addition to this, the Toptal Platform for business does not charge any hidden costs above their regular pricing structures.

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