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Designcrowd Freelance

Designcrowd Freelance

DesignCrowd Online Freelance Platform For Graphic & Web Designing

Designcrowd Freelance Features

  • Standard and premium graphic designing plans
  • Supports PDF, EPS, and SVG vector file formats
  • Unlimited edits and downloads of logos
  • 100+ social media design templates and tools

DesignCrowd Creative Freelance Designs for Every Project

Design Crowd is a community-based design service launched almost a decade ago to provide business services through a huge community of over 700,000 designers. This freelance platform consists of over 100 social media design templates and tools and includes all services such as logo designing, business cards, t-shirts, website designing, cartoon character design, and envelope designing. The list of services is huge, and the Design Crowd Freelance Services are ideal for all job seekers.

This freelance sales platform supports languages such as English, French, Spanish, and German. The customer support does elaborate, and the different services are taken care of in each of these languages. All the Design Crowd Freelance packages are paid packages and come with no free samples, unlike the Fiverr Freelance Services. The most affordable and least expensive package is the One Designer Service Project that runs for seven days, and you can pick your designer or make the designer pick you. The second package is the Mini Contest package, consisting of a one-day submission round for getting three designers and a turn-around time of a week to get your revisions done. Besides this, the third, fourth, and fifth packages are expensive and have specifically designed to promote the competition in the industry. Compared to many other online vendors like Scripted Freelance Services, this freelance platform relies on the community to do all the work and create the entire product to drive traffic to the website and keep customers engaged at all times. Design Crowd offers tons of extra features that can be added to your existing project if you are willing to pay a little extra for it. This platform supports different file formats, making it easy for users to navigate and get the work done faster. This graphic design freelance platform offers unlimited edits and downloads of all the logos and is a perfect place for getting a great standard work.

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