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Textbroker Freelancing

Textbroker Freelancing

Textbroker - High Quality Online Writing Services At Lowest Price

Textbroker Freelancing Features

  • Professional experts for proofreading and SEO copywriting
  • 100% free registration for authors
  • Flexible time management with weekly pay offs
  • Offers managed and self-services for organising projects

Text Broker for Quick outsourcing of Content Creators

If you are looking for freelance websites to manage and provide the options of self-servicing for organizing all your projects, then TextBroker Freelancing is a great platform for such business services. It consists of professional experts that are hired for proofreading and SEO copywriting. Sometimes, this platform also offers freelancing editing opportunities to help individuals with getting the best quality work. The author's registration on the Text broker is extremely simple and quite efficient at the same time. Textbroker freelance platform offers a comprehensive section about how everything works, but it doesn't directly link it to the registration page. As for the person registering, the usual contact details are required. The writers can select their expertise and experience similar to Scripted Freelance Services and Fiverr Services. Once the writers and interested job seekers have fed in all their important information, they receive a confirmation email that will link to their fresh, new account fulfilling the application process. Before they look for jobs and start writing the content, they have to put in a sample, which will be thoroughly reviewed and assigned with a particular star rating.

There are different types of orders, which the job seekers can participate in. The first one is open orders, where writers can log in and see orders according to their rating and then choose whatever task is available. The higher the author's rating, the better is the level of quality, and the more job opportunities are available for such individuals. The second kinds of orders are the direct orders, and wherein some tasks are assigned for specific writers. Writers who have their accounts on this freelance marketing platform are given the direct opportunity and hire them if they come to a consensus. The third and last kind of order is the team order, wherein any writer on the platform can set a fixed price for their orders.

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