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Scripted Freelance Services

Scripted Freelance Services

Scripted Professional Online Writing Platform | Scripted Pricing

Scripted Freelance Services Features

  • Optimizes Analytics, reports and keyword research
  • Get SEO strategies and writings
  • Great writings for blog posts and social media
  • Ideal for marketers and developers

Scripted For Flexible Freelance Writing Jobs

If you are looking for powerful content marketing for business services, then Scripted Freelance Services is a great platform that will take care of your career endeavors. It is an ideal platform for all marketers and developers and offers the opportunity to display great writings for blog posts and social media content. This freelance platform includes 100 percent original blog posts to effectively raise the quality of content marketing and ensures handling all the social media portals effectively, similar to the Designcrowd Freelance Services. The services also include Email newsletters that are sent to keep the audiences thoroughly engaged with monthly updates and newsletters. Along with that, you can easily update the website with SEO-friendly keyword-focused content that helps in enhancing the growth of different businesses.

You get access to thousands of expert writers at Scripted similar to Fiverr Freelance Services, and the first month is free. As an employer is ready with the task that needs to be completed, this platform offers simple tools that can be used to describe the project in detail to the writers. The writers review the project and then give their inputs and unique ideas. Once all that is finalized, you will get the first draft within a week, and the in-line review provided by Scripted including proper feedback and revisions. This freelance marketing platform helps provide a marketplace for writers where you can communicate directly with the writer to turn your idea into reality. When you find someone who fits your bill, you can add them to the list of favorites and start building work. The Scripted Services includes a rigorous selection process that only approves 2 percent of the applications that come. Experts from all industries write great quality content, and this platform comes with intuitive content management that provides an all-in-one writing solution and aids in  organizing and analyzing the content process.

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