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SpicePay Payment Gateway

SpicePay Payment Gateway

Spicepay Bitcoin Trade & Payment Platform For Online Businesses

SpicePay Payment Gateway Features

  • Secure eWallet app for payments
  • Automatically exchanges digital currency
  • Premium money exchange marketplace
  • Online ecommerce, retail and business tools
  • Compatible with desktop and website platform
  • Multiple integration tools for seamless process
  • HTTPS protocol with 128-bit encryption mechanism

SpicePay - Payment Gateway for Online Businesses

Experience excellent service from the perfect payment gateway for cryptocurrencies called SpicePay. This online payment processing service offers electronic wallet apps for payments to facilitate people who often pay via smartphones. The smart features in this gateway automatically exchange digital money. It is highly effective in storing, spending, and exchanging bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies to enhance trade in the marketplace. 

Some businesses ultimately depend on a third-party payment processor like Paypal for their development. For those users, this platform is a perfect choice for integration. The money, personal information, transaction history, and more details of every action that takes place on this platform are kept confidential and hidden to the public eye and protected from cyberattacks like hacking and online scamming with a 128-bit encryption mechanism under the HTTPS protocol. There are some highly responsive tools like online retail, billing, donation, and ecommerce that make this platform accept blockchain payments from any country anytime.

It enables the users to have access over their savings and funds with no restrictions like fraud or chargebacks. It also allows them to save about 2% on average of their fees on every transaction on this payment gateway. SpicePay provides an easy-to-use interface on their app like other payment processing providers such as Coinbase and Go URL to support all types of transactions and users of different backgrounds. The app is supported by BitGo technology, which is compatible with all the major mobile brands and computer operating systems.

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