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GoUrl Payment Gateway

GoUrl Payment Gateway

GoURL Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway | Payment Processing For Bitcoin

GoUrl Payment Gateway Features

  • Unique and instant online money transfer tool
  • Effective bitcoin monetizer
  • Compatible with all popular addons
  • Digital payment services for entrepreneurs
  • Protects sensitive banking data

GoUrl - Payment Gateway Platform For Bitcoin Wallets

Open source payment gateway platform GoUrl accepts bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, and it doesn’t require any personal information, ID’s and helps users to accept payments automatically directed to their wallets from anywhere with 100% security and privacy. It also supports the strong SSL encryption to prp=protect from third party intruders and performs the automatic procedures of updating the merchants about the incoming payment options. Suppose you’re wondering how the cryptocurrencies are used, and it works with all the major bitcoin wallets and is compatible with bitcoin debit cards. In that case, it also offers a high degree of anonymity for many of the users. 

This platform provides the unique bitcoin payment solutions for its users and provides the ready-to-use plugins for ecommerce and API with customer support of payment integrations. This payment gateway platform plugin offers a clear payment breakdown to make and to manage orders straightforward. One of this platform's advanced features is that it helps merchants set up the 1-click payments to the websites using the monetize online.  

Unlike various payment gateway platforms of  PayLeap Payment and Regular Pay. Its advanced and unique functionality of GoUrl is that it delivers the SSL encryption with automatic forwarding of received payments to the merchant’s wallets without keeping any of the merchant’s money on GoUrl servers, and it provides full integration payment forms for merchant websites without any external payment pages.

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