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Sony 85 Inch 4K

Sony 85 Inch 4K

Sony 85 Inch Bravia 4K UHD LED Smart TV | Sony XBR-85X950G

Sony 85 Inch 4K Features

  • Highly dynamic 4kUHD resolution
  • Immersive multi-audio synchronization sound
  • On-screen audio with no blur motion
  • Best for streaming services like netflix

Sony Bravia - 85-Inch 4K UHD LED Smart TV with Multi-audio Sync

Enhanced brightness, incredible contrast and lifelike content, is just a fraction of what this TV provides. It is one of the largest screen LED and LCD TVs from Sony and comes with unimaginable colors.

Excellent Aspects of Sony Bravia Smart TV

Highly Dynamic HD TV

This Sony TV comes with a high dynamic range, which lets the users experience unique details, brightness and clarity with 4K UHD resolutions. There is no stepping back because you can literally sit anywhere in the room and still enjoy the great color and contrast of this 4K TV. Also, this TV includes acoustic multi-audio syncs sound with action to provide a sound-form picture reality that works in great commemoration with each other.

Various Display Options

Apart from this, the Sony TV’s full-array local dimming and boosting technology helps switch and change the light levels in different levels of the screen, depending on the content, which eventually results in increased contrast and brightness. With the accurate balancing of the light, you can view dark scenes much darker and brighter scenes much brighter, which is the beauty of this TV.

Alexa Compatibility

Moreover, you can seamlessly integrate the iPhone and Siri devices with this Sony TV for better and more efficient home management and streaming of content. Much like other smart TVs, this one also works in compatibility with Alexa, and the smart stream camera feeds with the user’s voice. With this Alexa enabled device, you can use it for playing music, launching video apps, turning up the volume and so much more.

Add-on Accessories

The package that comes with this Sony TV includes a stand, remote, batteries, power cord, IR blaster, start guide and a manual well.


If you want to experience ultimate realism, then this Sony TV is for you. It comes displaying a variety of transparent, vibrant colours with Triluminos display and 4K HDR Super mapping similar to Sony LED TV and Sony TV Ultra HD. All that is happening on screen can be viewed without interruptions with virtually no blur because of the MotionFlow XR technology this TV uses.

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