SNS-Nova Multi-purpose Magneto Theme

SNS NOVA Features

  • Effective design features for shoppers site
  • Attractive and user friendly templates
  • Professional themes for digital ecommerce site
  • Integrated with google fonts, twitter bootstraps

SNS Nova - Responsive Magento Theme for your Business

Building a brand new commercial site for your business, then choose SNS-Nova to get excellent Magento themes from ThemeForest. SNS-Nova offers customers multi-purpose themes in 5 different colors. It is highly responsive and has some compelling features that can make a shopping website welcoming to the visitors for a better experience. 

There are attractive, user-friendly, yet powerful templates that have monetization tools that can earn you money just by optimizing your website to the search engines. It is a 2-layout type theme with full width and boxed elements to make the site look neat and systematically arranged. Like other themes such as Porto and Acumen, it is also integrated with google fonts, twitter-bootstrap, and other social media domains to enhance the website’s productivity. It also helps in building connections to gain popularity, which results in climbing up in Alexa Rankings.

There are several other extensions to this theme like SNS Ajax Cart, compare lists and wishlists, fraction slider banners, SNS Quickview, and many more. This is one of the themes which are very easy to install and can be accessed on any device. They are compatible with various web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE 8+, and Opera 9+. 

The themes are available for mobile apps too. They are designed in such a way that they can fit right to screen, adapting to the dimensions of the phones. The menu bars are of two types, and they are sidebar menu and collapse menu. They can be used either on smartphones or tablets.

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