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  • User-friendly admin panel with unlimited theme color options
  • Multipurpose Woocommerce theme
  • Responsive theme with transition effects
  • Modern and unique eCommerce theme
  • Designed with advanced HTML and CSS features
  • Fully customizable and SEO friendly wordpress theme
  • User friendly admin panel and navigation options
  • Features custom social, payment icons
  • Premium theme for shopping sites
  • Includes 200+ pattern backgrounds, layouts
  • Ajax search functionality for easy navigation
  • Multi language support system
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Modern and stylish eCommerce theme
  • Advanced animations and transition effects
  • Simple and robust theme options
  • Flexible theme for cosmetic, beauty and fashion stores
  • Built-in revolution slider for eCommerce store
  • Shoppers theme with catalog mode functionality
  • Unique homepage and header layouts
  • Fully responsive theme adapts to all smart devices
  • Advanced extensions for online shops
  • Multivendor E Commerce theme
  • Custom typography settings, Google fonts
  • Includes product wishlist, product compare feature
  • Grid based magneto theme for shopping sites
  • Supports all premium plugins
  • Provides secure and convenient shopping experience
  • Modern and minimalist layout options
  • Easy search functionalities
  • Multi purpose theme suits all eCommerce sites
  • Google analytic integration enhances Website
  • Perfect solution for shopping sites
  • Responsive theme for excellent browsing experience
  • Unique and professional online store
  • Features pre-built demos and layouts
  • SEO Optimization enhances browser speed
  • RTL support and translation ready theme
  • Integrated with ajax search and navigation functionalities
  • Effective design features for shoppers site
  • Attractive and user friendly templates
  • Professional themes for digital ecommerce site
  • Integrated with google fonts, twitter bootstraps
  • Premium and advanced admin module
  • Mobile friendly wordpress magento theme
  • Multi-store support shopping theme
  • Customizable grid system offers better product visibility
  • Provides ultimate design tools and transition effects
  • Features social media feeds and navigation
  • Creative theme with flexible online shop layouts
  • Unique theme designed with unlimited color schemes
  • eCommerce theme supports multiple languages
  • Ready to use admin panel and multiple listing layouts
  • Enables quick view and product filter features
  • Professional theme with visual page builder
  • Custom theme styles and functionalities
  • Intelligent UX design suits all mobile devices
  • Amazing online shop with SEO optimization
  • Minimalist eCommerce Wordpress theme
  • Compatible Goggle AMP functionality
  • Avails custom dark and light theme options
  • Convenient and powerful theme settings
  • Stunning homepage layouts for online store
  • Front-end and easy to use Admin features
  • Collection of premium eCommerce options
  • Developed with functional testing framework
  • Built with user friendly extensions
  • Provides multiple homepage, header and footer layouts
  • Features Ajax optimized search functionality
  • 360 degree product viewer
  • Multi purpose online shop
  • Delivers fastest browsing speed
  • Pre-made demos and layouts for effective construction
  • Mega menu features categories all products
  • Professional online marketplace
  • Simple installations and setup guides
  • Compatible with multi-vendor extensions
  • Convenient theme options and settings
  • Features attractive visual appearance settings
  • Designed with well structured and optimized code
  • Multi store and multi language ready theme
  • Responsive and custom banner Add features
  • eCommerce theme with product personalization extension
  • Premium theme for Clothing, apparel stores
  • Luxury and attractive eCommerce theme
  • Equipped with advanced theme features
  • Ultimate theme with cache management system
  • Attractive homepage and product page designs
  • Elevates and personalized eCommerce site
  • Powerful admin panel and user interface
  • Adaptable theme effectively creates eCommerce site
  • Custom theme features and settings for online stores
  • Creative theme provides backend support
  • Integrated with beautiful product viewing galleries

Buying Guide - How To Choose Magento Themes For E-Commerce Business


Have you started a new E-Commerce website? Now surely you would like to increase your sales. Every website owner loves to have an extra share of profit. For the same, the website owner tries all possible techniques which draw a difference. In the same stream, Magento themes matter a lot. The appearance is the first factor which triggers the mind of the visitor. In case you are planning to buy a Magento theme for acceleration in your sales, then please wait for a moment. It's not as casual as you think it is. In fact, it is mandatory to gather the fullest info about these themes before proceeding to get one for your E-commerce site. Here we are going to present a detailed buying guide regarding Magento Themes because we want to grab the best.

Make it very clear in your mind that it is not any kind of basic theme but its a sort of theme suit which aims at extending your eCommerce site sale by providing interesting layouts, shades and spaces to your site.

Default Magento Theme VS Pre Purchased theme

Yes, here we are landing on one of the topmost confusion in regards to the Magento theme. A lot of buyers make the mistake of not going with default Magento as they think that it would turn out to be more advantageous. But the reality is pre-purchased or ready to install themes contain bugs which demand money to make it perfect. Precisely, it would be better if you opt to default to the Magento theme for the sake of saving your precious time.

Hang on for a second if you are planning to buy any Magento theme on a random call. It could prove to be a huge disaster to your site. The action which you are required to take is consulting an expert for the purpose of taking a beneficial Magento theme. The reason behind this step is that many trending Magento themes hold critical bugs. In order of curtailing this issue, you must discuss with an experienced Magento developer.

Magento Theme Layout Option

Undoubtedly you must be hoping that there is no sense of looking back at the layout features of a Magento theme as any layout stuff works. No, it's not all like that. Indeed you have to stay alert and see if the layout is going flawlessly with your product listed or not. You can try answering these questions first-

Would the colour scheme match?
Would the front pop up suit?
Do you really need vibrant layouts?
Does the zooming image tactic work?

Once all such questions are clear from your end, you may switch for further procedure.

Customizing Your Magento Theme

Nothing stays permanent, not even your business. It's obvious that new products will arrive, new price tags will come. Now just think once, what do you do if your Magento theme won't allow you to implement all such sort of changes? Yes, buyers, you are making an exact guess, this is why the custom option in your Magento theme is necessary for you. Count on the element of customisation whenever you generate your will by buying a Magento theme.


It's time for a reality check, the first thing which you pick for the task of online shopping is your mobile phone (usually) there is no doubt that it is a quick and easy source to hit online stores. According to client preference, 70% of people love to do online shopping through mobile phones. So, you should understand that making a selection of a Magento theme which is compatible with all types of devices.

SEO Optimisation For Magento themes

No, we aren't kidding, it is an indispensable part of a Magento theme that it has to be SEO friendly. Mostly, all of the Magento themes go well with the techniques of SEO but still, it is your responsibility to keep an eye on the SEO basics of your Magento theme. Maintaining the proper site ranking is crucial for you, so choose a Magento thing with great optimization response.

Versatile Language Support

The more versatility language support you get from your Magento theme is parfijure, the more audience you earn. This is the main factor why we would advise you always to cross-check the multi-language compatibility of your Magento theme. It is the only way through which you can receive an exaggerated number of visitors.


You never know through which browser your customer is going to surf your E-commerce website. The step which you can adopt here is to pay for the Magento theme, which ensures the greatest browser compatibility. This factor will lead to strengthening your sales in less time.

The banner support of Magento themes

The next factor is an irreplaceable element from the point of view of better profit. You should have some plans for the banners or infographics for the purpose of sorting promotions, A Magento theme which would provide enough space for your promotional banners will be perfect for you.

Do not run behind all qualities in one Magento theme

Give a blow to your miss concept that if you buy a Magento theme packed with all features would be a one-stop solution for you. Let us tell you that things don't work in this way for a Magento theme. Instead, you will end up with unwanted bugs and difficulties. Holding up on the idea of taking a simple theme and later coordinating with other features is what you can do for your major convenience.

Top-rated Magento theme could be an illusion

A lot of Magento theme providers use the tags of best selling or leading Magento themes for attracting a large number of buyers. But the truth is entirely shocking. Some of the top-notch Magento themes drop down most terrible bugs for the user at times. Testing the theme with utmost patience would support you for purchasing an appropriate Magento theme.

Being Attractive For Visitors

Heard about the rule of the first impression is the last function equally for the Magento themes. It is suggested that figure out the theme which would soothe the eyes of the customers. Good appearance assists incredibly in the ultimate assurance of your sales.

Hassle-Free Installation Process

Magento theme takes into account several aspects such as the size of the images, the layout of the site, spacing, fonts, color scheme, the spacing of headings, directions of alterations. See when these countless aspects relate directly with this Metroshop Magento theme it should be easy to understand for you. Always look for the Magento theme which allocates easy installation manuals.

Buy From A Trustworthy Source

You should concentrate properly at the time of buying a Magento theme for your eCommerce website. Do not rush blindly just for owning a Magento theme; It would be favorable if you find a theme providing website which is cooperative and ready to give you top quality assistance regarding your Magento theme for the aim of eradicating any problem.

Reading Reviews and Ratings

A buyer should trust another buyer; it is an effective way of taking the best Magento theme. If you are having double thoughts about any Magento theme, you can read our reviews of comments of other buyers for relaxing up with fair understanding. Moreover, it is a reliable manner of erasing your queries like-

The occurrence of bugs in Magento theme.
Information about the performance of the Magento theme.
Feedback about the Magento theme.
Difficulty level Magento theme installation.
Support of the Magento theme providers theme.

Social Media Connectivity

We all are living in the age of social media and unbeatable response. Everyone would agree with the fact that at the present time, social media acts as the backbone for all e-commerce websites in terms of sales and reach. Do not miss out on the consideration of seeing the social media connectivity scope settings that a Magento theme is delivering to you.

Magento Theme Loading Speed

The web is the world of speed as there is no place for delays and slow speed—the same expectations associated with a Magento theme when a buyer sets to buy it. For the fresh buyers in this section take a view of Magento theme speed. It is requisite for Magento them to be really quick for the users.

Final Words

We are purely faithful and serve as a helping mode for letting you buy a simplegreat Magento theme. Pick a pen, paper and point down these above-mentioned suggestions for buying a productive Magento theme. Follow these heads for witnessing the outburst of big sales goals with your Magento theme. This was all for this buying guide; we would like to take a leave now.

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