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Rollibot M6 Cleaning Mop

Rollibot M6 Cleaning Mop

Rollibot M6 2 in 1 Electric Floor Cleaning Mop - Cordless Rotating Mop

Rollibot M6 Cleaning Mop Features

  • 2 in 1 Electric mop for cleaning and polishing floor
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery provides enough time for cleaning
  • Two-button interface for controlling speed and spray
  • Essential and convenient product makes kitchen spotless
  • Perfect solution for tough grimes

Rollibot - Easy To Use And Super Efficient Hard Floor Cleaner Mop

Rollibot has brought forth this exceptional hard floor cleaner mop which makes it among the best hard floor cleaner mops. This makes for a truly deluxe hard floor cleaner mop which spins and mops to scrub out the stubborn grime and dirt. Makes for this two in one electric mop which comes with cleaning and polishing functions for the hard floors. Has a rechargeable Li-ion battery that provides for enough time for cleaning. 

Comes with two button interfaces to enable you to control speed and spray. This works perfect for tough grime which helps to remove it in an easy manner and undoubtedly makes for an essential and convenient product that makes the kitchen spotless. The highly powered dual heads work great for polishing, cleaning or to buffer leaving no marks on the floor. This exclusive hard floor cleaner comes with a runtime of 50 minutes that helps to provide deep cleaning to the grimiest of floors. The noise level for this Rollibot hard floor cleaner mop is 65dB which makes the brushes work in a quiet manner other than that of scrubbers, machines and polishers. It is this automatic scrubbing spinner which buffers grout then chucks the reusable mop pads right in the water. There are other available options for hard floor cleaner mops like, Gladwell hard floor cleaner mop that comes with LED light for efficient cleaning even during the night. The Bana Stone hard floor cleaner mop comes with this extra-large mop that helps deliver fast and efficient cleaning. The product dimensions for this Rollibot hard floor cleaner are 18.5 x 18 x 6 inches and this product weighs around 7.88 pounds to put it precisely.

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