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Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop

Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop

Gladwell Cordless Rechargeable Electric Mop - Spinner, Scrubber & Buffer

Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop Features

  • Liquid spray and LED light for efficient cleanings in night
  • Extendable handle, 180 degree rotation offers flexible cleaning
  • Cordless battery operated mop
  • Dual spray technology eliminates stubborn stains
  • Multiple functions for waxing, mopping and spraying

Gladwell - Cordless Rechargeable Hard Floor Cleaner Mop

Gladwell brings forth this exclusive cordless and rechargeable hard floor cleaner that undoubtedly makes it among the best hard floor cleaner mops. This comes with multifunctional settings and with options for that of mopping, waxing and quick spraying, the coaster helps provide you with the capability to use the mop in all circumstances which is sure to allow you to tailor the mop to eradicate even the toughest of stains to put it precisely. Comes with LED light for efficient cleaning even during the night. This hard floor cleaner comes with an extendable handle which comes with 180 degrees rotation and is sure to offer flexible cleaning for the matter. 

This cordless battery-operated mop along with the dual spray technology that this product comes with, helps eliminate stubborn stains as well. Comes with multiple functions for that of spraying, mopping and waxing. Has been built with high powered dual spin motors which efficiently cleans at an incredibly fast rate in the endeavour to remove grime, stains, dirt and bacteria from the floor. The coaster is sure to work on all surfaces including that of marble, wood, tile or that of laminate floors. A number of other options are also available online for hard floor cleaner mops like, Bissell hard floor cleaner mop which comes with the improved edge technology which helps clean edge messes. The Rollibot hard floor cleaner mop is another option for hard floor cleaners that is this 2 in 1 electric mop for cleaning and polishing floors. The product dimensions for this Gladwell hard floor cleaner are 20.16 x 16.85 x 6.06 inches and this cleaner weighs around 10.98 pounds.

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