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Rocketed Sanitizer Spray

Rocketed Sanitizer Spray

Rocketed Instant Sanitizer for Multi-Purpose | Germ Protection Gel

Rocketed Sanitizer Spray Features

  • Alcohol-free Sanitizer prevents the spread of viruses
  • Perfect solution for hand-hygiene at home, office
  • Hand-sanitizer less irritates skin than soap and water
  • Moisturizing Sanitizer spray for dry skin and soft hands
  • Protects from infections and diseases

Rocketed - Best Way To Prevent Infections

With the increase in various types of infections outside, it is important to take extra care and prevent infections. Rocketed disinfectant is the best disinfectant spray that is very useful in this present scenario. It is the best antifouling agent that prevents the accumulation of algae, barnacles etc. It is the best sterilization spray. It kills bacteria, virus, fungi, spores, and any other that causes infections. It is suitable for a variety of appliances. It is colourless and transparent. It is non-irritant, does not cause any irritation to your skin and eyes. It is a powerful disinfectant that inhibits any harmful substances from coming near you.  

It is alcohol-free. Just a little spray is enough to disinfect your room or cars. It is effective on viruses, bacteria and fungi, and keeps you safe everywhere you go. You can use this multi-purpose disinfectant spray to sanitize shoes, keys, door handles, seats, furniture, books, glass, sofa, curtains, cushions, as well as any regularly touched soft or hard surface. Pleasant fragrances that disinfectants and deodorizers. It is travel friendly. You can carry it in your backpacks. It comes in the size of Diya stuff travellers mist very comfortable to carry to the tours with you. This Surface Disinfectant Spray is an easy to use, immediate remedy to ensuring that you're interacting with a germ-free surface.  Whatever maybe the article just spray it and feel comfortable that the surface is now 99.9% germ-free, maintaining hygiene. It kills the germs effectively as Purefy disinfectant. Be safe with Rocketed disinfectant.

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