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Diva Stuff Travelers Mist Scent

Diva Stuff Travelers Mist Scent

Diva Stuff Travelers Mist Antibacterial Travel Sanitizer for Clear Skin

Diva Stuff Travelers Mist Scent Features

  • All natural formula designed to fight bacteria
  • Sprintz style sanitizer for travellers
  • Blended with lavender hydrosol for effective skin care
  • Anti-bacterial mist eliminates Acne-causing microbes

Diva Stuff - Mist For A Clear Skin

Who doesn’t like to get a clear skin and fresh look? Diva stuff travellers mist acts wonders for your face. It is the best sanitizing mist. It can routinely be sprayed on your pillows, sheets. It eliminates acne by cleansing your sheets, pillowcases and more. It has 70% alcohol. 

It is made of all-natural ingredients. It does not have any chemicals that are harmful to your health. It is made of natural ingredients like the one in Rocketed disinfectant. It comes in a spritz style bottle. It comes with lavender and chamomile scent. It has a wonderful smell. It gives a relaxation mind because of its pleasant smell. This mist is being used in the spa because of this smell and cleansing property. It is blended with lavender hydrosol for better skincare. Its antibacterial mist eliminates acne-causing microbes. It reduces acne and prevents breakout. It is nourishing with cocoa butter. It is so easy to use. Just spritz on a fresh pillowcase before bedtime. The powerful ingredients present in this are Distilled Water, Lavender Hydrosol, Tea Tree Water, Peppermint Hydrosol, Liquid Germall Plus. It gives a lifetime satisfaction. It is made of all-natural ingredients that are good for your body, beauty and well-being. Everyone who used this product is quite satisfied. It can be easily carried in your bags anywhere. It is easy to carry with you like you can carry Purefy disinfectant for your best use.  There is no need to worry about the germs. Because of its fragrances of lavender, it is used for therapeutic and tea tree water eliminates acne-causing germs.

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