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Rag & Bone Stealth Face Mask

Rag & Bone Stealth Face Mask

Rag & Bone Stealth Face Mask | Lightweight Cotton Elastic Mask

Rag & Bone Stealth Face Mask Features

  • Washable face masks for daily use
  • Cotton masks reduce the spread of diseases
  • Non-medical masks perfectly adapt to all face sizes

Rag&Bone - Lightweight And Comfortable Designer Face Mask

Rag&bone is here to offer the top stylish face mask that is washable pieces of soft cotton face masks which is perfect for daily use. Made in the U.S.A, the face masks have been designed and crafted with care in New York City. They make it a point to keep the production of the masks in the United States in the endeavor to provide support to the manufacturing partners who have supported them throughout their 18 years of business. As a result of this, their production capacity gets limited and they only re-stock periodically. There is a generous availability of face masks in the present times, that includes brands like, best Mother Denim face mask, etc. 

Rag&bone provides for face masks that have been made from upcycled Rag & Bone ready to wear fabrications to put it precisely. The face masks are of non-medical grade and are not intended for clinical use. The masks get the nose and mouth completely covered which helps provide for complete personal protection. Different face masks come with different product dimensions, like the Ifgfit face mask that comes with unique product dimensions. Rag&bone face mask comes in the dimensions of 5.5” height, 13.34” width with elastic and 4.25” strap length. Best rag&bone face masks are crafted in 27% viscose, 66% polyamide and 7% elastane and these are lined in 100% superior quality cotton. The face masks are recommended to be hand washed in cold water with a mild detergent and lay it flat to dry.

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