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Pari Trek Portable Nebulizer

Pari Trek Portable Nebulizer

Pari Trek S Portable & Lightweight Compressor Nebulizer Aerosol System

Pari Trek Portable Nebulizer Features

  • 12V DC adapter, rechargeable battery for efficient use
  • Piston pump compressor is quiet in operation
  • Hand carrying case provides treatment anywhere
  • Nebulizer cup eliminates bacterial contamination

Efficient Nebulizer For Rapid Medication Delivery

According to WHO (World Health Organization), more than 8 million people die due to excessive tobacco consumption every year. The number of people who fall prey to it is bound to increase in the upcoming future. This indirectly indicates the rise of the nebulizer industry, as it is the best solution to treat breathing problems. Pari Trek offers the best handheld nebulizers equipped with a durable and rechargeable Li-Ion battery with an efficient 12V DC adapter. This device's battery life provides 50 minutes of uninterrupted usage, which accounts for a total of 8 treatments.

It is a compressor type vaporizer with an impressive aerosol system that delivers a sufficient dosage of drugs. The quiet piston pump style operation of this device gives consistent medication to lungs and the windpipe for fast relief. This portable nebulizer has a lightweight design ideal for people who are always on the road due to their work demands. It features a time strip that indicates the time to replace the mouthpiece cup to avoid bacterial contamination.

Carry this contraption in a handy bag to get treatment anytime, regardless of wherever the users are. Specifications and benefits from this nebulizer are equivalent to the ones from brands like Devilbiss and Drive Medical. It is also easily washable by any means like by hand, dishwasher, or boiling on a medium flame and well suitable to use at home, hospitals, or clinics.

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