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Paleo Pax Meal Delivery Online

Paleo Pax Meal Delivery Online

Paleo Pax Paleo Food & Snacks Delivery Services | Paleo Food Delivery

Paleo Pax Meal Delivery Online Features

  • 18 assortment premium paleo snacks
  • Friendly and Customized meal services
  • Affordable snacks subscription kit
  • Free from artificial sweeteners

Paleo Pax - Paleo Snack Subscription Box

Paleo pax is the most popular Paleo meal subscription box. The monthly Paleo Pax box is full of snacks that you can have during the time of the Paleo diet. This meal delivery service ensures that you get the best amount of Paleo snacks for the price you are paying. As they buy snacks in a bulk amount, it helps you to get products at a much cheaper rate.

The monthly Paleo box is made of 8-10 snacks and is a combination of both new snacks and familiar favourites. Recently, they have doubled the size of the box and provided you with around 18 snacks.  The subscription generally is $60 per month, but now, they are providing the subscription for $49. Also, you can get an additional discount of 20%, by signing in with your email address.

All the Paleo snacks provided by the best Paleo Pax are gluten-free meals, dairy-free, and contain no artificial sweeteners. After the payment of the order, your Paleo Pax box will be shipped within 24 hours, and the best thing is that there are no charges for the shipping. Paleo Pax helps you to lead a Paleo lifestyle at a meagre price.

Some of the common assortments of a monthly box are caveman cookies, Paleo crunch, nick's sticks, Evo hemp bars, one’s bars, foodie fuel, simple squares, exon's bars and a lot more. Go through other meal services like Martha marley and Trifecta nutrition for similar services. 

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