Best Paleo Meal Delivery Services

Paleo offers ancestors eating habits with traditional recipes for weight loss and enhanced digestion.

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  • Non-GMO or organic ingredients
  • Grass-fed and pastured meat
  • Weekly paleo meals for vegetarians
  • USDA and CCOC certified organic ingredients
  • Meals made from organic ingredients and sustainable seafood
  • Weekly and monthly meal delivery services
  • 18 assortment premium paleo snacks
  • Friendly and Customized meal services
  • Affordable snacks subscription kit
  • Free from artificial sweeteners
  • Antibiotic, hormone-free meat
  • Provide new recipes, cooking tips
  • High-quality ingredients to prepare delicious recipes
  • Provide autoimmune protocol-friendly meals
  • Specially crafted for food enthusiasts
  • Sulfites, carrageenan, maple syrup free dishes
  • Certified paleo-friendly meal delivery service
  • Dietitian-approved fresh and organic ingredients
  • Enriched vitamins or minerals dishes
  • Vegetable-based options
  • Fresh and frozen meals
  • Made of simple and micro-nutrient ingredients
  • Packed with vacuum-sealed plastic case
  • Updated menu options
  • Especially for sportsmen, fitness, athletes
  • Schedule a vegan diet plan
  • Varieties of chicken menu
  • Food rich in proteins
  • Craveable and healthy food
  • Gluten, dairy-free, antibiotic, hormone-free meat
  • Free of refined sugars and REAL certified ingredients
  • Protein, carbs, or fats balanced meal
  • Zonic options are paleo, primal, or guided
  • Preservative-free dishes

Buying Guide to Choose The Right Paleo Diet Meal Delivery Service


The Paleolithic or the Old stone age was a period when humans were dependent on the hunter-gatherer method. The farming methods came in later. People believe that new methods of eating are the cause of an unhealthy lifestyle. More and more people want to go back to the ways of their paleo ancestors. Hence, the Paleo diet is growing tremendously site among meal delivery services. The meals are now easily available, all thanks to the delivery services.

What is the paleo diet meal plan?

Paleo meals consist of meat, fish, fresh vegetables, herbs, spices and healthy oils. Avoid all sorts of processed food like sugar, dairy products, artificial sweeteners, grain and legumes. The whole point of the paleo diet is to eat whole food like grass-fed and pasture-raised meat, fish and seafood. Paleo ancestors survived on unprocessed food avoiding all the diseases. Not only this, you can lose a lot of weight if you opt for a paleo diet. Caveman compatible food is basically consuming organic produce only.

What is the Price of Paleo Diet Meals?

An affordable meal costs 10-12 dollars. Some services provide free delivery whereas the others charge a specific amount. You can subscribe to a suitable plan according to your needs. You can order paleo ingredients and cook at home if you wish so by green-chef meal service. All the meals are prepared in under 30 minutes. You can order meals directly and save your time. You just have to reheat it and you are done. The meals are extremely rich in fiber and protein. There is a misconception that paleo meals are not so tasty considering the history of the meals. But with so many emerging restaurants and chefs, the meals prepared are delicious.

Should you go for Paleo?

You should definitely try once and bring paleo in your diets. The diet will give you renewed energy and a healthy lifestyle. There will be improved blood and sugar levels and prevention from various diseases. Eating organic and avoiding unprocessed food is a task. You may sit back thinking of the efforts you have to put in for a paleo diet But delivery services have made it extremely easy for you. You are one subscription away from your desired lifestyle. Make sure the ingredients you select are GMO-free and free of antibiotics by top allergy-friendly meal delivery service.

You don’t need to count calories, carbs and proteins in a Pete's Paleo diet. Also, there are different ways to follow this diet. As long as the ingredients are unprocessed and organic, you are good to go.