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Neufday Dishwasher

Neufday Dishwasher

Neufday Automatic Compact Countertop Dishwasher For Restaurant

Neufday Dishwasher Features

  • 360° angle wash rotation
  • Control panel and light indicators
  • Less energy, water consumption

Neufday Dishwasher - Automatic Compact Countertop Dishwasher

One of the best portable design dishwashers, Neufday countertop has a built-in water tank. Using 360 degrees azimuth wash to clean mechanism helps clean dishes using the UV+ heat temperature and medium dryings .This model dishwasher is ultra-hygienic and uses less water for incredible convenience. With its large capacity, the dishwasher enables us to fit a large number of dishes at once for thorough cleanings.

Fully automated Neufday dishwashers clean the utensils and dishes in 45 minutes and microcomputer one-button system, with water consumption of 12L. It has a simple and convenient storage space for loading the dishes in the dish basket and cutlery rack. It performs the duty of drying and cleaning precisely. neuf day easily sets on countertop and tabletops, which only requires less space. Its user-friendly, convenient digital controls have simple ways to control panels, and light indicators make the process easy with its built-in functionalities.

Budget-friendly dishwasher offer various wash cycles and options with high and low temperatures to boost the cleaning of cookware and utensils. It is a great alternative for SPT and LG. It is designed with the latest rack positions to accommodate the dishes and utensils with removable flatware baskets and loading flexibility for convenient and small dishwashing machines for cleaning the utensils after dinner and cooking.

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