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SPT SD-2202W

SPT SD-2202W

SPT Durable High-Quality Countertop Dishwashers | SPT SD-2202W

SPT SD-2202W Features

  • High-quality stainless steel material interior
  • Includes heavy, normal, speed, soak wash cycle
  • Offer 220 kWh electricity power consumption a year
  • Equipped with 148°F water temperature performance

SPT Portable Countertop Dishwasher

Composed of heavy-duty stainless steel design, SPT dishwasher comes in a portable and durable construction that acquires the power full of sized dishwasher enhances the style and strength and makes it suitable to fit in the spaces between the countertops and cabinetry. Unlike most dishwashers, it is a very classy and beautiful dishwasher that comes at a very reasonable price and makes it enough to fit all of your dishes.

Its stainless steel metal construction SPT built-in dishwasher enhances the performance and durability, and it can hold upto to 12 plates and has about 8 hours of delay. It comes with six wash cycles, and a standard place setting capacity and comes with a faucet adapter, and offers an easy connection. It eliminates the permanent installation and direct plumbings. Moreover, it operates at very low noise for better convenience while operating in the kitchens.

Some of the reasons for buying dishwashers than the Samsung and GE models. It includes an additional faucet adapter, supports the delay startings, and can hold the plates ranging from the 10.5-inch diameter. It has a wide application functionality of delay start and easily fits in most of the countertops of smaller space apartments and dorms.

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