Best → MSI GF63 THIN Gaming Laptop - Win 10
MSI GF63 THIN Gaming Laptop - Win 10

MSI GF63 THIN Gaming Laptop - Win 10

MSI GF63 THIN 9SCX-005 - 15.6" | MSI Gaming Laptop - Win 10

MSI GF63 THIN Gaming Laptop - Win 10 Features

  • Immersive thin bezel gaming display
  • More than seven hours of battery life
  • Brush aluminium chassis with single-lit keyboard
  • Sturdy built lightweight laptop for safe portability
  • In-built MSI app player to run mobile and PC games
  • NVIDIA’s Geforce graphic card supports full HD games
  • Enables smooth multitasking techniques for superior performance

64GB Internal Storage Capacity Laptop To Download Large Files

There is a vast collection of laptops from various brands available in the market today that differ in quality and features depending on the purpose they serve to the users. In the same way, MSI produces laptops that are greatly focused on gaming. MSI GF63 has a long-lasting, durable battery that stays running up to 7 hours in total. Its thin bezel display is suitable for immersive gameplay with attractive HD graphics and visuals. This one of the most sophisticated laptops for pro gamers that are built strongly with a metallic top, and the light aluminum hair-brushed aesthetics enhance the look. There is an X-shaped ventilation window at the base that allows free airflow through the system to avoid overheating. The latest efficient and powerful 9th intel processor in this cost-effective laptop is bound to give an unbeatable performance accompanied by NVIDIA GeFOrce graphic card that brings video games to life.

It is compatible with the latest Windows 10 to stay on track with the technology updates. There is an in-built exclusive platform called Dragon Center 2.0 that has multiple features like system monitoring, sound optimizer, and tuner, LED wizard etc. that are used for customizing the layouts and audio of the video playback. The Mobile center enables the users to scan a QR code to launch the MSI app on the laptop. 4GB of GDDR6 RAM delivers a rich gaming experience without any connectivity problems or lags. It has a storage capability to save files like screenshots, recorded videos of games, and GIFs upto 64GB. Nahimic and audio boost are two systems that enhance the background music and audio quality of the gameplay and make the playing experience delightful to the next level. You can find HP and Dell laptops of similar performance capability and features at web stores but at a different price range.

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