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Merrick Bank - Apply Online For Secure Platinum Visa Credit Card

Merrick Bank Features

  • Ultimate credit raise and rebuild features
  • Instant and flexible payment options
  • Easy activation and credit access
  • Low interest and payment rates

Merrick Bank - Offers Secured Cards With Minimum Deposits

Are you bothering about your bad credit score and trying to avoid the credit history then check out the Merrick bank credit cards. It offers three different credit cards. Unlike the various credit cards, these cards do not feature any points and cash back rewards. Instead, they focus on customers with limited access to improve their credit histories while it also sends the payment reports to other credit bureaus for limit increase, which helps to build the score.

One of the standards features of these credit cards is that they automatically double the limit after every seven months of on-time payments, and it also performs regular reviews to increase the limit too as compared to the various credit bureaus of  Petal and Indigo. they even charge a minimum equivalent to 20% or 25 % for increasing of the credit card limit. It charges maximum fees for least creditworthy applicants, and if you're the one who has a good credit score, you may be offered with a no annual or setup fee.

While coming to Merrick bank credit cards' extra features and benefits, they increase the credit limit after the first year without any additional security deposits. Next, through its convenient mobile application, one can manage your account and information while on the utmost satisfaction. It also provides zero liability for unauthorized shopping and liabilities. It also offers the maximum protection and security to the deposits and management options with customizable account alerts and notifications.

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