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Maxx Cold Freezer

Maxx Cold Freezer

Maxx Cold Commercial Freezer | Portable Freezer for Ice Cream, Kitchen

Maxx Cold Freezer Features

  • 7.5 Cu.ft capacity mid-range freezer
  • Adjustable temperature with display
  • Perfect freezer for storing ice cream
  • Internal LED lights for heightened product display

Maxx Cold - Best Commercial Mobile Freezer

The Legacy Companies was established in 1998 as two corporations, Greenfield WorldTrade, and Asbury Food Service. The successive narrative of their development and expansion seizes shape through continuous stages of accessions and organic advancement. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, The Legacy Companies administers domestically while Greenfield WorldTrade regulates as a global distributor.

Maxx Cold is the best freezer that offers modular and self-contained ice automobiles, ice repository bins, and pelagic units that are favourable for both marketable and residential requisitions. Maxx Cold commercial chest freezer accentuates commercial level appliance such as reach-in refrigeration & freezers, brokers, under counters, sandwich & salad preparation depots, worktops, pizza preparation tables, chef grounds, milk coolers, chest freezers, dipping closets, cask and bottle coolers.

In 2015 Maxx Scientific undertook a full line of refrigerated equipment manufactured for Medical, Research, Laboratory, University, and Microbiological demands with poultices specified for Blood Bank, Chromatography, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Vaccine Storage, Clinical Studies and Samples.

Mobile Ice Cream Freezers has a Maxx cold deep freezer with transparent, glass Maxx cold two-door freezer glass sliding lids that deliver an impressive way to exhibit or serve ice cream commodities. The maximum freezer is perfect for ice cream parlours, sorbet stores, gelato stations, restaurants, and concession stands. These Maxx cold ice cream freezer chests can hold hand-dipped ice cream or originalities. The gliding clear glass top enables consumers to effortlessly sight the offerings.

Some of the key features of the commercial freezer are:

  • Interior LED lights make it easier to see the selection and enhance the products.
  • Certified to UL 471 and NSF 7 Commercial Standards.
  • Adjustable temperature range -18 to +10 deg F (-28 to -12 deg C).
  • Internal condensate evaporator pan. No need for a floor drain.
  • Thermometer display: external, analogue, easy to read.

You can buy Maxx cold products online. Just surf to buy a Maxx cold refrigerator. Similarly Resturant supplies Freezer can be used to store large quantities of beverages in restaurants. Homelabs Freezer is the Best Refrigerator for office uses.

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