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Mai Cook Cooktop

Mai Cook Cooktop

Mai Cook Electric Induction Cooktop With Countertop Burners

Mai Cook Cooktop Features

  • Push-button controls with digital display
  • Maximizing power technology with overheating sensors
  • Ceramic glass cooking surface
  • Diagnosis function for IGBT and self faults

Mai Cook - Single Burner Electric Cooktop

Mai cook induction cooktop is this sleek and pretty 13.9'' x 17.5'' x 4.1 inches, 3500watt commercial quality cooktop which has 13 power levels. This mai cook electric induction cooktop has a digital display along with push-button control and it is this perfect cooking companion that can continue to work up to 24 hours. Best Mai cook features temperature settings from that of 140 to 464 degrees F and comes with inbuilt overheat sensor and automatic shut-off.

Mai cook stainless steel body is constructed with best quality stainless steel cooktop for long-lasting benefits and comes in the classy stainless-steel finish. This has been created with Infineon IGBT and German crystallite panel for stable performance and ultimate durability. This Countertop Induction Cooktop requires a power source of AC 208V~240V. The Induction Cooktop has an International patent double induction coil for high efficiency and that of effective energy saving.

This helps heat uniformly as for the big heating zone that it comes with. For the maximum of safety advantages, Mai cook products have an inbuilt temperature sensor and temperature switch double protection in the endeavour to protect the operation of IGBT in a better way. Also, this exceptional product comes with fault self - diagnosis function. This electric countertop cooktops provides for power maximizing technology and simple and intuitive controls that make you cook your choice of dishes faster than usual. You definitely need to go in for this smooth and classy ceramic glass induction cooktop that is crafted as per modern requirements. Grab it until its stock out! Once glance at similar trendy and latest stoves for home are waring and nutrichef.  

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