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Lenovo Standalone VR Headset

Lenovo Standalone VR Headset

Lenovo Mirage Solo With Daydream, QHD Display Standalone VR Headset

Lenovo Standalone VR Headset Features

  • Accelerometer and magnetometer smarts sensors
  • 4GB RAM,64 GB UFS and expandable upto 256 GB
  • Bluetooth synchronization system
  • Ultra-crisp QHD display with wide FOV

Lenovo - Buy Best VR Headset Online

Headsets are so much trendy and convenient to use. And if the sound quality is excellent, then user-functionality is also great. Lenovo is a trusted brand that is engaged in the designing of high-quality headsets. If you are looking for the best Lenovo VR headset, then the online purchase can be a good idea. This is because the venture will be simple and yield a great buying experience.

The user can move freely and talk with the product. Hence the designing of the product is so strong that the users have rated it as one of the best designed VR headsets. The engineering of the product is so designed that the user will feel extremely comfortable using the product. The breathable thick padding of the product makes it further desirable for the user. Hence the buyers also feel that it is best Lenovo mirage solo with a daydream.

WorldSense power experience is in the palms of the user. A free copy of blade runner is also made available with the Lenovo standalone VR. The powerful set of the headset is designed to provide an amazing sound quality to the listeners. VR headsets have 4GB of RAM. The 3-hour long battery life provides a good digital experience to the users. Hence the demand for the product is very high. Anyone looking for the best sound quality should prefer to buy this product. The display frequency of the product is 75 Hz. The product is one of the best VR Headets and has attracted impressive customer ratings.

VR Headsets provides quality sound and image to experience the real feel such products including Oculus Go Standalonne VR headset and Oculus 3D Headset. These Headsets are so designed to meet extreme clear and live view.

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