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Black+Decker Single Door Mini Fridge

Black+Decker Single Door Mini Fridge

Black+Decker Single Door Freezer | Mini Fridge for Home, Office

Black+Decker Single Door Mini Fridge Features

  • Separate freezer section with ice cube tray
  • Recessed door handle for accessing frozen food
  • Suitable for storing beverages, and desserts

Black Decker Compact Single Door Fridge

From a mediocre appliance store in Baltimore to the ground of the noon, the Black Decker has proudly delivered the most creative results for over a hundred years!

The Black Decker small compact mini-fridges are ratified and accessible in size ranges from 1.7 to 3.2 cubic feet.

This BLACK DECKER power star certified portable refrigerator is flawlessly manufactured for all tiny places such as college dorm room, studio, chamber, workshop, or anywhere you might need a portable refrigerator to conserve your drinks and stock cold.

The Black Decker BCRK32B is one of the best Black Decker mini-fridge. In fact, it might be the best mini fridge in the market right now.

It can also be used as a small kitchen fridge while vacationing at your villa or vacation or beach house.

The Black Decker BCRK32V single door refrigerator can easily store groceries. The Black and Decker freezer has 2 Full-Width Adjustable Glass Shelves along with 3 Full-Width Door Shelves that can hold a Gallon and 2 Liter Bottles. The small fridge or the compact fridge also consists of an Adjustable Thermostat Control and Leveling Legs that offer utmost versatility.

The Black and Decker deep freezer also constitutes a Full-Width Freezer Compartment with Ice Cube Tray along with a Reversible Door and Space Saving Flat Back Design lets you suit it just about anywhere
The tiny refrigerator has 1 Year Warranty on parts & labour, and 2 Years Warranty on compressor.

You can now buy Black Decker appliances off the internet. All you need to do is lookup for buy mini-fridge, or black and decker Single Door Freezer. Same features also available in Northair Freezer and Avanti FreezerCompare them and select the best one as per your requirement.

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