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Yumble Food Delivery

Yumble Food Delivery

Yumble Kid-Friendly Meal Delivery Service | Yumble Kid Food Online

Yumble Food Delivery Features

  • Regionally sourced nutritious ingredients
  • Ready-to-eat balanced meals
  • Homestyle cooked meals for kids
  • Dedicated nutritionists for your family needs

Yumble: Healthy Kids Meal Delivery Services

Yumble; a kids meal kit delivery company ready take the mealtime burden off your plate! And, substitute it with nourishing, flavorful, and ready to heat and eating preferences that your kids with relish!

It is already difficult to make things work between school, work, sports and extracurricular activities. And, even more, to squeeze in some quality family time with the kids. That's where Yumble hops in, to the save the week, for you to spend all the quality time before your kids aren't kids anymore especially for busy moms!

Recommended by paediatricians, Yumble’s commitment is towards sustainable, regionally produced meal kits with nourishing ingredients. We develop our food items based on scientifically proven kids friendly balanced recipes, that are delivered in fresh and insulated refrigerated containers.

More so, our delivery packages are recyclable.We even send in some fun bonuses such as sticker sheets and a deck of table themes. We do so to encourage a healthy family relationship of our consumers.

How Yumble  Works!

Firstly, you have to pick a plan that best suits your family, and then select one that is fit for your child. We even make curated boxes to help you choose the best plan and they can be allergy friendly, just how your kid wants. 

Yumble Delivery Process!

Yumble delivery comes with free shipping. We deliver the meal kit in our best industry-leading sustainable container.We have also made our subscription free of cost and flexible where you may choose to cancel or pause or even skip (any meal) whenever you want to. There are other services with similar features like Beetnik foods and The good kitchen

Lastly, do not forget to enjoy and relish your meal!

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