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Kenny Flowers Masks

Kenny Flowers Assorted Non-Medical Lifestyle Face Masks (3 Pack)

Kenny Flowers Masks Features

  • Designer made protective face masks
  • Luxury and fashion reusable face masks
  • Life-style masks reduce the rate of infection

Kennyflowers - Fashionable Reusable Designer Face Masks

Kennyflowers claims to offer nothing but the best fashion designer masks that are crafted in adherence to high standards of fashion and comfort. They offer non-medical face masks to add that perfect touch of style which is sure to bring some smile to everyone’s face underneath those pretty face masks. Every brand producing face masks has certain guidelines and policies and B&H GeriGentle face mask comes with its own terms of the purchase policy. For every mask that is bought, Kennyflowers donates a mask in Bali to the different individuals, their families, and the diverse communities that are in need. 

Their face masks bring forth the perfect combination of lifestyle needs and fashion and these face masks help reduce the rate of infection. In the present times, there are a number of face masks that are easily available, like, Rent The Runway face mask, etc. Utmost care is taken to make the Kennyflowers range of face masks that have been made ethically in Bali from leftover fabric. These are reusable face masks that can be machine washed and can be hanged to dry while you sleep. The face masks come in a single size that is sure to fit all with the help of adjustable tie straps. The fabrics of the face masks might vary, it can be either 100% comfortable woven cotton or can be made of island soft rayon. Best kennyflowers face masks are not for clinical use and it is recommended to launder before wearing.

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