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IONOS Fast & Flexible Web Hosting

IONOS Fast & Flexible Web Hosting

IONOS - Domain Name Registrar And Web Hosting Services Provider

IONOS Fast & Flexible Web Hosting Features

  • Custom-built Intel processors for high performance
  • HTTTP/2 network protocols for significant page loads
  • High configuration CPUs and SSD,/NVMe storage
  • API and cloud integration dedicated servers
  • Unlimited external domains with DNS management

IONOS - Offers Rich Website-creation Tools and Excellent Customer Support

IONOS by 1&1 is popular worldwide and has a loyal following of over 8 million customers. With 5 types of web hosting, IONOS web hosting service is suitable for both small as well as large businesses. Since it has multiple data centres in various countries and it hosts about 12 million websites, this service has made it to one of the leading hosting services across the globe. All the plans of IONOS include a free domain name and an SSL certificate for security. You can choose from the basic plans which are suitable for small websites or the premium level plans for big businesses.

If you have a WordPress site, then you can have access to the WordPress hosting plans, and also this service supports Windows servers. You can protect your website from viruses and malware by opting for the Sitelock feature. However, IONOS does not use cPanel, and it has a customised panel of its own. If you are comfortable with cPanel, then you can install it for the ease of your work. Although it does not give you an uptime guarantee, customers experienced an uptime ranging between 99.9% and 100%.

IONOS features Cloudflare content delivery network which spreads your website to its 60 data centres. This way, your customers will be connected to their nearest servers to get unmatched speed. There are hundreds of themes, templates and layouts to help you in designing your website quickly. Even if you don’t have any idea of HTML coding, you can still build a website with creative tools. If you want to run a small website, then you can opt for WordPress installation too. Like in Site Builder web hosting services, you get email addresses, search engine optimisation tools, marketing services and Google ads monetisation.

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