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HTC Vive Starter Pro Edition

HTC Vive Starter Pro Edition

3D HTC Vive Starter Pro Edition VR Headset Online At Best Price

HTC Vive Starter Pro Edition Features

  • Unlimited access to 600+ VR content
  • Precision movement trackings
  • High impedance headphones and 3D spatial sound

HTC Vive Starter Pro Edition - Experience The Ultimate Video Streaming

The HTC Vive Starter Pro Edition allows exploring the out-of-box videos with its innovative features and advanced design, this could be Best VR Headset For Movie Streaming. You can purchase the HTC Vive pro starter kit and set the device using the smartphone application with ease.

Premium package

The HTC vive pro kit comes with a Vive Pro headset, intuitive controllers, base station of 2X Seam VR. The high-resolution screen vouches for rich color contrast and brings real things to life. The HD display of the HTC vive pro wireless headset is 2880 X 1600, and it is the dual-display, which makes the HTC virtual reality headset the best buy. The Velcro straps attached to the HTC vive pro ensure that the user does not have any sort of head strain even after prolonged use. The improved wire vouched not to deal with three different wires for different purposes. Find some 3D VR Headsets for real world experience . The headset has an ergonomic comfort and can be easily adjusted according to the eye adjustments. Explore the boundless and magical virtual world with the HTC vive pro.

The 360-degree controller takes the entire experience of the virtual world on the other level. The fully immersive HTC Vive Starter Pro Edition comes with headset tracking, and the graphics of the HTC virtual reality headset will tempt the users to explore and transport to the virtual world the entire day. The directional video ensures that the user can have real experience with the HTC vive pro starter kit. Join the world where reality meets innovation by purchasing one of the best virtual headsets for engaging and treating experience. Along with htc, few more brands - Pvr iris Headset and Samsung Gear VR Headset Offers Similar kind of Gaming Quality.

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