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PayLeap Payment Gateway

PayLeap Payment Gateway

PayLeap Secure Payment Gateway Services | Online Payment Methods

PayLeap Payment Gateway Features

  • Secured online credit and debit card services
  • Specialized merchant payment terminal
  • Alerts and tracks online transactions
  • Featured with fraud management technology

PayLeap - Secure Electronic Payment Gateway Platform

Safely and efficiently accept the electronic payments from all major credit/debit cards through the PayLeap electronic payment gateway platform. This would be the most excellent option for most clients for its secure and fastest payment methods. It s comprehensive payment platform delivers the full suite of secure payment capabilities for merchants and individuals. Its smart integration feature with Ecwid helps customers place orders without leaving the checkout pages.  

Compared to the various Coin base and 2 Checkouts. The platform simplifies the online payment systems by consolidating payment methods with online transaction gateways and offers the safe and trusted ecommerce payment gateway into a straightforward transaction process and keeps the customers safe with assured comfort and carefree ecommerce experiences. Its internet merchant accounts and services offer the maximum reliability to make the payment processing. It allows you to access internet accounts from anywhere, including the wireless devices that enable you to save time and increase ecommerce profitability.  

Through the pay leap merchant payment gateway process, the electronic payments in real-time and single services allow you to manage transactions and streamline the payment processing to increase efficiency and profitability. It also provides the ability to accept credit and debit card payments through face-to-face, mobile, and e-commerce payments in SSL's encrypted connections.

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