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FXT FPV Goggles

FXT FPV Goggles

FXT VIPER 5.8 GHz Diversity HD FPV Headsets | FXT VR Goggles

FXT FPV Goggles Features

  • Well suited for glass wearer
  • Unique reflection patented design and digital video recorder
  • Automatically receives reliable signals

Fxt VR Headset - The Best VR System Online At Best Price

The FXT VR headset comes with an ergonomic design and professional FPV goggles for catering to the best ever virtual reality experience.

The FXT VR headset is fitted with a 5.8 GHz HD monitor which supports HDMI IN and AUTO. The technological innovation also supports a one-key recorder, and the diversity receiver allows your VR headsets to receive automatic signals. The FXT VR headset comes with several channels to choose from, and you can even select your own channel. The LED display of the FXT VR headset has an infracted refractor and vouches for an HD image. The best virtual headset also comes with an integrated DVR and can automatically scan channels. The screen of the best VR headsets is crafted in a manner that protects you from the harmful UV rays. Thus, you need not worry about wearing the FXT VR headset for a more extended period. You can even purchase the upgrade tools, and the FTX store allows self-update.

The FXT VR Headset has been crafted to allow people who have powered glasses to use the innovative Headset for PC. The refractive design of the screen does not strain the eyes and ensures that no pressure is exerted. One will not feel any sensation on the nose or eyes even after prolonged hours of watching your favourite program channel. The inch monitor is detachable and supports the resolution of 1920 X 1080. Other products which offer similar features are Destek V5 VR Headset and Google Daydream VR Headset which provide well suited glasses.

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