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Claue Minimal Magento Themes for Portfolios

Claue Features

  • Stunning homepage layouts for online store
  • Front-end and easy to use Admin features
  • Collection of premium eCommerce options
  • Developed with functional testing framework

Claue - Minimal Magento Theme for E-commerce Store

Clean and minimal Magento themes are an excellent template design with a modern and clean interface designed with 11+ homepage layouts and offer the tons of options for shop, portfolio, and store locator layouts and with its claue interface design makes the meet and fit any e-commerce sites. Furthermore, claue is built with a front-end page building and offers the tons of extensions of mega menu, store locator, and one-step checkouts Magento that is designed with advanced reports, quick views. It delivers and helps transform your dream shops with a magical digital outcome and lets you flourish business and reach your potential support. 

Make your lookbook collection easy and more convenient with a simple Pin Maker plugin increases the sales and has simple and easy to setup functionalities to your websites such as the layouts, backgrounds, color fonts, and catalog extensions.through its setup, background elements control the backgrounds with simple clicks. They are quick and highly customizable features with custom fonts, and styles offer the maximum possibility.  

Compared to the various Fastest multipurpose themes and Organic Magento themes, powerful themes help design the website and transform your dream shops into the magical digital outcomes that let you flourish business and reach the full potential.

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