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Bruce Floor Cleaner Liquid

Bruce Floor Cleaner Liquid

Bruce Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner Liquid - Household Cleaner

Bruce Floor Cleaner Liquid Features

  • Simplicity and convenience design with trigger spray
  • Perfect for hardwood and laminate floorings
  • Splash less technology pour method
  • Quickly removes scuff marks

Bruce - Best Hardwood And Laminate Floor Cleaner

Nobody ever has the time to clean their house nowadays. With busy schedules, traveling on jobs and irregular shifts at work takes a toll on our human body. This is why Bruce premium quality top hardwood floor cleaners introduced an easy-peasy solution for cleaning and scrubbing wooden floors and doors in a short period. It is 100% scratch-free and non-toxic cleanser that brings out the fresh and true nature of your floor.

Bruce Cleaner Refill pack is the reason why you never run out of your disinfectant at home. It is best suited for sealed and laminate wooden flooring. It makes your floors and tiles look brand new with its powerful cleaning technology. It shows better results when you clean the floor with a rectangular head cleaning mop for a full and even spread. It is highly useful in removing stubborn and thick dark stains without much effort. It is worth buying if you want to spend less on scrubbing floors, doors, and windows. It is formulated with a Splash less technology that ensures a smoother pour and high solubility with water.

This liquid sanitizer refill is available in containers of economy size. It weighs around 64 oz. It could be used in houses and offices to give a glossy and polished finish for floors. Compared with Black Diamond Cleaner and ProCare Cleaner Refill, Bruce falls short in quantity but is available as a 2-bottle pack, so it definitely stands alongside with other brands in quantity and quality as well.

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