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Black Diamond Floor Cleaner

Black Diamond Floor Cleaner

Black Diamond Marble and Tile Floor Cleaner for Dirt and Stain Removal

Black Diamond Floor Cleaner Features

  • Simple spray and wipe mechanism
  • Quickly removes food, oil and beverages spills
  • Triple action poly shield for streak-free cleanings
  • Ready to use Non-toxic pre-mixed liquid

Black Diamond - Best Marble And Tiles Floor Cleaner

Black diamond hardwood and laminate floor cleaner cleans without leaving behind streaks and dulling residue. It is integrated with revolutionary additives and PS3 formulas to provide streak-free cleaning and helps prevent soil from attaching to the surface. It's a safe and alternate for damaging floor cleaners that remove the finishes and dry out the wood over time.

Non-toxic floor cleaner is based on water that quickly removes the food and beverage spills for a healthy and hygienic living. It also saves money and time than many of the bona and zep floor cleaners. Black diamond stone also exhibits excellent cleaning performance on various floor types with exceptional fragrance for blissful living.

Delivers streak-free cleaning every time with a no-rinse hypoallergenic formula to remove dust, and footprints easily with spray and swipe functionality. Through black stone floor cleaning, you would get a noticeable change since you installed it. Black diamond stone ultimate grout is produced without bleaching.

With 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable surfactants that enable us to prevent and leave no soap residue and reduce cleanup effects in the future. A black diamond stone work cleaner is the perfect combination for unequaled product performances. It contains special cleaning agents to lift dirt from pores of stone and finishes of wood floors. 

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