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Northair Compact Refrigerator

Northair Compact Refrigerator

Northair Tabletop Mini Freezer For Ice Cream | Portable Freezer

Northair Compact Refrigerator Features

  • User-friendly design
  • Protects food from anti-bacteria and fungus
  • Smart inverter compressor for instant cooling
  • 0-180°-195° of door flexible range

Northair - Mini Party Freezer

The Northair compact car refrigerator is a portable fridge freezer for travelling or vacationing. It has the product dimension of Dimensions: L22.9” x W14.4” x H20.7”(L580 x W366 x H525mm). The interior dimension is L18.1” x W11.2” x H17.2”(L458 x W284 x H436mm). The Northair retro mini fridge has a product weight of 34.6 pounds and a temperature range of 13°F ~+68°F / -18℃~20℃.

50 Litres Capacity of the Northair compact freezer can easily meet your desired capacity. The portable refrigerator for a car can also be used to store milk, fruit, yogurt, frozen steak, or meat. Inner dimension: L18.1” x W11.2” x H17.2”(L458 x W284 x H436mm). Northair portable freezer also has a powerful high-quality DC12V compressor. The temp can be as low as -13℉ degree, much lower point than frozen temperature. Frozen meat or steak easily.

The top door portable refrigerator works quietly, less than 38dB, just relax and enjoy your travelling. The temperature had an LCD display and a touchable adjustment. The visible temp display easily shows the internal temp. Convenient to set temp to your requirement from -13℉~68℉(-25℃~20℃). There will be an error indicator warning if you set up again the fridge.

When re-plug in, this smart fridge can start as your previous setting record, no need to set up the units gain.

This car refrigerator is with two side handles for easy carrying. It's perfect for outdoor activities such as fishing, travelling, picnic, and road trip.

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