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Avegant Glyph AG101 VR

Avegant Glyph AG101 VR

Avegant Glyph 101 VR Headset | Cheap VR Video Headsets Online

Avegant Glyph AG101 VR Features

  • Retinal imagination technology for advanced viewing
  • +1 to -7 diopter adjustments for short-sighted and farsighted people
  • Multi use as a headphones for audio
  • 2060mAh battery power upto 4 hours

Avegant - Light Field Technology For Better Quality Videos

The Avegant video headset is the perfect example of how technology can make the customers fall in love head over heels with advancement. The portable screen of the Avegant video headset comes with an adjustment setting to make the experience better for those who are suffering from myopia and hyperopia. The personal theatre glasses cater great clarity with the 720p HDMI display and can support all significant HDMI devices without any hassle these could be the best vr headset for movies. The users only need an HDMI hub adapter to watch the best virtual videos on the Avegant glyph video headset.

The Avegant video headset is feather-light, and since it does not have any head bearing, there is no reason any user will feel uncomfortable. This design allows one to feel no weight and yet can enjoy the best virtual reality experience by lying down on the couch. The head strap, which comes with the package, ensures that the Avegant glyph 3d vision glasses stay stable and does not cause any discomfort to the fragile head. This headset is different from the other virtual reality headsets and glasses because the user can easily lift them and look at your surroundings without much effort. Furthermore, the comfortable design allows the user to hang the device around the neck in case one decides to take a break.

Users can binge-watch virtual reality videos with the Avegant video headset by lying on the sofa for straight 4 hours since the optimum battery allows the use of the Avegant glyph 3d vision headsets for a more extended period. Buy the Avegant video headset today. Willing to look after some more products, then just have a look at Noon VR Headset and Htc vive Pro VR Headset and experience the VR world.

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