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Atten Dish Washer

Atten Dish Washer

Atten Mini Countertop Dishwasher | Atten Quick Wah Dishwasher

Atten Dish Washer Features

  • powerful sprinkler system
  • Detergent-free sterilized cleaning mechanism
  • Wipe out the oily stains on kitchen-aid appliances

Atten - 6 Place Settings Portable Built-in Dishwasher

Say no to doing a pile of dishes by hand by bringing home a top dishwasher from Atten. There are many types of washer depending on the usage from this manufacturer, but this particular model is a small-sized appliance which can easily be placed on countertops. The features and benefits are unparalleled as they are assisted with smart technology to clean the vessels, spoons, and plates automatically. It also turns off by itself after the process by giving a reminder.

It is a very attractive piece of decoration for a modern kitchen with white plastic exterior walls and a tempered glass view lid, which enables the user to see through it to keep an eye on the operation. This portable dishwasher is a lightweight and can be put in a car truck or an RV for people who go camping often. There is a thermostat control that allows hot water to sterilize the dishes and bottles children use to protect them from harmful bacteria that grow on used vessels. Also, it is a budget-friendly dishwasher that saves your water and power along with your money.

One could say the features like the sprinkler system and detergent-free cleaning process of this washer are quite similar to the ones from brands like FarberWare and Danby. With a capacity of 6 place settings and fast washing technology of stubborn oily stains, it is definitely the best-rated among the mini washers.

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