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Extremely functional yoga mat bags of various types like tote, sling and duffel bags designed with high-quality fabrics and polyester materials for yoga lovers.

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  • Hassle-free shoulder strap tote bags
  • Side and interior pockets for accessories
  • Strong quality cotton yoga gear bags
  • Multicolor and fully adjustable bags
  • Full zipper design for secure carrying
  • Reliable yoga mat bags for yoga professionals
  • Holds up thick yoga mats
  • Highly durable bags designed with cotton
  • Large space to fit all the yoga gear
  • Multi-purpose bags for gym and shopping
  • Perfect for both men and women
  • High quality cotton bags lined in nylon
  • Zippered side and interior pockets
  • Fits mats of width upto 24 inches
  • Best yoga mat bags for easy portability
  • Embroidered cotton bags with cargo pocket
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for comfort
  • Good compartmental space for all essentials
  • Phone pocket and ear phones slit
  • Durable and basic yoga mat tote bag
  • Large spacial room to fit all the gear
  • Cushion interior protection against pressure
  • Best yoga gear bags for thick mats
  • Essential front and side cargo pockets
  • Fits mats of all types and sizes
  • Strong and smooth top zipper opening
  • Multi-functional bags for men and women
  • Man-made leather duffle bags
  • Ideal for extra load and daily use
  • Long-lasting quality yoga mat bags
  • Eco-friendly and purely vegan products
  • Affordable basic standard yoga bag
  • Large space for convenient usage
  • Ideal for yoga studios and gyms
  • Non-abrasive bags with knitted patterns
  • Easily washable purely cotton bags
  • Effortless carrying with an adjustable strap
  • Extra long exercise bags with sturdy zippers
  • Wear and tear-resistant premium quality bags

Pick Best Brand Yoga Mat Bags For Effortless Carrying


There is increasing popularity of yoga in recent times and among both young and the old. In the wake of the deadly covid19 pandemic, yoga has become more relevant to our daily habit for sustained health and fitness for improved immunity.

Most of us go to yoga studios or gymnasium for a workout and need to carry a yoga mat for stretching our bodies. Carrying a yoga mat becomes difficult unless the mat is rolled up and carried in a bag. Here comes the necessity for yoga mat bags. We often carry our other yoga accessories along and need some extra space to accommodate. Hence, the best yoga mat bags come with extra space in the form of pockets either inside or the sides of the bag and often called as compartments. Separate outlets and inside zippered pockets available in the yoga mat bags for more space ensure easy and quick retrievability of other yoga accessories. 

Materials Used In Yoga Mat Bag

The yoga mat bag needs to be compatible with the yoga mat, and accordingly, the material type for manufacturing should be decided. If you are bulky, tall and would like to do yoga for long hours, you will need a bigger sized and higher thickness yoga mat capable of accommodating you and withstand the stress and strain from the exercise. Yoga mat with bigger size and higher thickness is heavier and would be made up of a higher strength material like strong quality cotton and lined with nylon inside. 

A good quality high strength canvas material is also suitable against pressure and can be designed for long life, even when used with massage guns. As we sweat while working out in a yoga studio or gymnasium, lots of perspiration is soaked in the yoga mat. If this perspiration can't air out from the yoga mat through the bag while carrying or storing at home, bacteria can grow and prove very harmful for our health. It is thus vital that the yoga mat bag is breathable and made up of breathable material. High strength natural cotton fabrics are a general choice. 

Netting or weaving of fabrics also influences yoga mat bags breathability as it leaves spaces in between. Well, woven canvas, polyester, or nylon is also used for yoga cotton bags. Material for yoga mat bags is always made of light fabric so that bag is easier to carry. 

Nylon and polyester made yoga mat bags are normally more abrasion resistant and withstand more wear and tear. These bags are normally more durable

Webbed cotton and nylon are used to manufacture the adjustable straps of yoga mat bags, perfect for someone taking online fitness coaching

Colors And Styles Of Yoga Mat Bag

There is always a need to carry along their yoga gear from home to studios and back for all passionate yogis spending long times in gymnasiums or yoga studios. Normally all unisex yoga mat bags carry loads and are subjected to stress. Yoga mats are normally rolled up and tucked inside the yoga mat bag. Yoga mat bags are available in different colors and styles. While deep colors with stripes are normally preferred, styles can vary considerably from an oversized to minimalist one and usually include;-

Sling bag type is a cylindrical bag consisting of an adjustable shoulder strap. This is normally lightweight and only has a few compartments to store other belongings. You may still need to carry your purse or tote with a sling bag for carrying your other belongings. The compartments available are usually zippered pockets.

Sling strap type is a minimalist style with minimum space available and only consists of a strap to loop around the mat and act as the lock. This style doesn't have any storage space.

Duffel type yoga mat bags are needed when you need to carry additional items to the yoga studio like a towel and an extra clothing set

Backpack type is the heaviest type of yoga mat bag that can carry lots of accessories. This style if the bag comes with a dedicated pocket where you can stash in the yoga mat vertically. They are also available with straps to loop around and lock the mats. Straps are normally at the top or bottom side. The extra-long multipurpose type comes with more space, inside and outside zippered compartments, and can accommodate a wider, 24 inches yoga mat. The Multipurpose type may also come with a shoe compartment and normally needed when you go for work after your regular yoga class 

Steps Involved In Picking Yoga Mat Bags

  • Size is the most important criterion depending on your need. If you need to work out before or after your long hours in school, office, or another workplace; there may be a necessity to carry additional items which will require a bigger sized bag.
  • The number of Pockets or compartments available is an important deciding factor for keeping other items separately. Separate pockets allow you to retrieve your items fast and without spilling over the floor.
  • Material type is also vital when selecting your next yoga mat bag like the one from Ewedoos considering weight and portability, wear & strength characteristics and durability, washability and frequency of washing. 
  • The design of manufacture is an equally important criterion to consider based on usage and applied stress. Some premium varieties are subjected to wear and external pressure often designed with inside nylon lining. Some yoga mat bags even come with embroidery.
  • Zippered pockets are also selection criteria and for additional safety and security. All premium varieties are available with strong and sturdy zippers that are smooth and comfortably open.
  • A stylish and good looking yoga mat bag elevates the overall spirit and improves yoga performance. They offer additional storage space and help in freeing up hands.

Cleaning Of Yoga Mat Bag

Most of the yoga mat bags are machine washable with a quality detergent. Then again, you must always check for the guidelines and regulations related to washing, before actually going about the process. 

Price and Warranty Details

There are both expensive and cheaper varieties available in the market. As much as the price tag matters, you can always zero in on the perfect yoga mat bag, depending on your preferences and the size-centric requirements. Normally no warranty is given for yoga mat bags. However easy return policies are available against damage and manufacturing defects. 

Bottom Line

When durable yoga mat bags are preferred one should opt for premium elenture yoga mat bags and on the more expensive side, based on the exact requirements. However, before moving ahead with the purchase, it is necessary to take a closer look at each one of the mentioned criteria and take the pick accordingly.

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