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Upgrade your smartphone with the best wireless phone charger comes with advanced Qi wireless technology for fast, reliable and smart charging.

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  • Built with heat ventilation to reduce heat
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  • Help to support fast charging upto 10W
  • USB-C flexibility connectivity option
  • Qi-certified wireless phone charger
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  • Pixel stand automatically turns Do not disturb mode
  • Jumpstart feature to set a daily schedule
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  • Wireless charger pad with 5 coil to fast charging
  • Integrated with small chip for temperature control
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  • Full body 10mm aluminium body with sturdy knobs
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  • Aluminium wireless charging pad for longer use
  • Built with anti-slip traction grip
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  • Improved cooling design to reduce overheating
  • ew foot button to adjust align for wireless charging
  • Qi-certified charger for Google pixel, Android and Iphone
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  • Offer lightweight plastic case for travel purpose
  • Smart Qi wireless charging technology
  • LED light indicator alert when charging full
  • Ideal wireless charger for home usage
  • Multi-device connectivity system
  • Budget-friendly price wireless duo pod charger
  • Versatile connectivity for samsung phones
  • Qi wireless charger enabled device to charge without cable

Wireless Phone Charger for Easy & Fast Charging Buying Guide


What is a wireless phone charger? There is a transfer of power from a charging source to a mobile phone. The transfer can happen without wired connectivity. No cables are required for charging. Hence, it gives portability to charging. The device allows charging without any plug and cable. A special pad or surface is designed in the wireless charger that becomes the phone's charging port. But the newer Smartphone comes with a built-in charger receiver. The mobile and accessories segment has a lot to offer to the customers. 

How does a wireless mobile charger work?

In the Smartphone made in recent times, the user will find a receiver coil that is made of copper. The wireless charging device for the mobile has a copper transmitter coil. The transmitter coil will generate an electromagnetic field when the mobile receiver is placed on the charging surface, and it will transform into electricity for the battery. The process of charging is called electromagnetic induction. As the copper receiver and the transmitter coil are small in size, the charging will only work for a couple of distances. 

Why do you need a wireless phone charger?


Life has become all about ease and convenience because the gadgets have been designed to provide us with such luxuries. Technology has found existence in every part of the human lifestyle, and a wireless phone charger is a superb example to support the statement. It is much simpler and faster to charge the mobile in a wireless charger than to look for cable and plug to charge the device. Simply by keeping the handset on the surface of the charger, the process begins. Chargers that require cables for connectivity often show signs of wear and tear. Moreover, frequent connecting and disconnecting the mobile for charging with cables can damage the phone as well.

Stay Charged

It will not be wrong to say that the user keeps the phone down on the charger; the mobile acquires energy and remains at an optimum charged level. Even while driving or having a meeting in the office, the mobile can be left for charging. The hassle-free product has thus become popular amongst the users, and they recommend the product to their prospects.


Wireless charging is also as fast as the traditional charging method (plug and cable). The Qi technology allows quick charging of the mobile that can be easily compared to the traditional charging method.

Qi Technology

Qi is pronounced as "chee” and is a Chinese word that means the flow of energy. Qi is the wireless charging standard that has been adopted by mobile manufacturers. This technology is already popular and compatible with the latest models of Smartphones, for both iOS and Android. The phones have Qi wireless charging system in-built in it. Hence, the phone and the wireless charger must support the same wireless standard technology (Qi). The phone can differ but the wireless charging standard has to be the same for both the phone and the charger.

What are the different ways of wireless charging?

The market is available with a pad, mat, and charging stand. These are found in diverse shapes and sizes. It is upto the user to select the one that suits their requirement. Most of the wireless chargers look circular or oval. The stylish product just needs the mobile to be laid on its surface for charging. Such devices are great to be kept on the bedside for charging the mobile with complete convenience. Moshi charging pad is a reliable and trusted brand in the market that is easily available in offline and the online stores. 

The standing charging pad holds the mobile in an upright position at an angle. The user can even read the messages or notifications while the phone is on the charging mode. Such chargers can be adjusted on both the landscape and portrait modes. The users consider it to be a great option for the offices. 

Do these products offer charging in the car?

The new models of the cars have the in-built mobile charging station. Alternatively, users can even use a mobile wireless car charger. It can clip to the air vents to provide the required charging to the mobiles. 15 watts power is required to charge the phone at lightning speed. 

How safe are wireless chargers?

It is safe to use a wireless phone charger, whether it is a pad or stand charger. It gives out a harmless signal while not in use just like the Smartphone charger. As the receiver coil in the phone needs to connect with the coil in the base of the charging unit, the signal's strength does not extend in the air that surrounds it. When the phone is kept on the base for charging, the signal comes in contact with the phone, and charging starts. The process emits less radiation in comparison to the connection established with a mobile network. Hence, the device is a desirable one. 

Does the charger get overheated?

All types of chargers require power to function, and hence generation of heat is a natural process. Energy is consumed in the form of heat. Wireless chargers for the phones also show the same process. The products that have undergone enormous testing will exhibit less amount of wastage of energy through heating. It is highly recommended that the user select a branded and reliable wireless mobile charger brand to become the proud owner of a safe product. The high-quality devices shut down the moment excessive heating is detected. 

What to look for in a mobile charger?

Below are some of the key factors that the buyer needs to analyze before buying the right product. Check it out!

Charger Brand

The Smartphones used by the users are expensive pieces of electronics, and thus the charger can also compliment the device. Both can be expensive and high in quality so that the best results are yielded. The charging will happen flawlessly. 

Consumption of power

It is essential to make sure the power is required for the charger to work properly. The charger will work fine and yield quick results if it is run on power. The Qi technology works fine with 15 watts of power. Several phones require 7.5 watts of power. But the users can always upgrade to the charger that consumes 15 wattage powers as the best results can be achieved.

Format of wireless phone charger

Several types of wireless phone chargers are readily available in the market. The pad ones that are circular and oval are the most popular. The upright versions are also quite popular. These types are adept in providing a better view of the phone and can be a space-optimized product. 

What to do if the wireless mobile charger gets wet?

Contrary to the claim, most of the charger is not water-proof. As most power-generated electronic devices are connected to power, liquid contact can be dangerous. Hence, the user is advised to be alert and not allow the charger to get wet.

Warranty Details

Qi certification and technology used in the wireless charger certifies that the device is compatible with smartphones and tablets powered with the same technology. The buyer is recommended to select a charger brand that offers a decent period of guarantee. Online shoppers should find this feature in the product and purchase only when they are convinced that the brand provides them adequate information. These pointers can easily optimize the buyer's purchase decision and end up buying the best product. 

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when customers were unaware of the product's engineering and features, especially electronic items. The smart customer of recent times is a well-informed person and can find the best product in the market. The marketplace is also flooded with product options, and the buyer can get confused. To make things easy, we listed iOttie Charging Pad as the best and has come a long way in the related field. But with the help of research about the product, the buyer can easily buy the most competitive product in the market. 

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