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Whey Protein Powder Buying Guide - Types, Health Benefits, Dosages

Many people nowadays are more inclined towards building muscles and reducing body fat rather than just concentrating on weight loss. There are various supplements available in the market today which claim that they can help embark on this journey and make you reach your goal. But people who are not well educated about the dynamics of the body might submit into the scam.

Our body requires various Nutrients for every day to function smoothly. One of the most important nutrients is protein. To keep your body energetic and lean you require a good amount of protein in your regular diet. Whole foods do contain protein but sometimes you might not be able to meet your protein intake goal set. This is where whey protein powder comes into use. It is a high protein supplement which is very beneficial for your health and covers up a major part of the protein intake of your day.

What is whey protein?

Milk contains two types of proteins which are whey and casein. The mixture which becomes isolated from whey during cheese production is called whey protein. This powder contains added flavors and does not taste appetizing by itself. When you are buying protein powder, then make sure there is no added sugar in it. The contents of the powder can easily supplement 25-50g of your protein intake. It is an easy way for weight-loss hopefuls and fitness enthusiastic to complete the protein needed in their diet. For the people loving flavored protein, this is the best source of taking it.

Types of Whey Proteins


This whey protein powder is pre-digested. It gets absorbed way faster than the other forms and is responsible for a 28-43% more spike in the insulin levels when whey is in the isolate form.


This powder contains 90% protein and can be even higher. It contains less fat and lactose and also other nutritional benefits which are found in protein.


This powder is in concentrate form which contains 70-80% protein. It also contains lactose and fat. It is the most delicious whey protein powder provide ideal shakes in may flavors like Idealshape protein powder to reduce calories

Whey Protein Powder Health Benefits

Increases your strength and muscle mass

Onnit whey protein powder increases strength and muscle mass by releasing anabolic hormones such as insulin which is good for muscle growth. The leucine content stimulates muscle protein synthesis in the body. It is amino acids and protein spur on muscle growth. Whey protein initiates muscle growth faster than others.

Protects against eczema and allergic conditions

Whey protein is also beneficial for infants and not only adults. When a child is born and between 3-12 months period is given whey protein, they can resist the development of itchy skin, allergic reactions etc. once the child he has grown up beyond that age, then also they can be given this protein powder without any side effects.

Aids in recovery from exercise

Consumption of whey protein powder has shown improvements to your athletic abilities also. It increases your running speed and helps in performing workouts better.

Lowers cholesterol

This powder also helps in lowering your total and LDL cholesterol more effectively than other proteins.

Helps regulate blood pressure

When this powder is consumed by individuals with hypertension, it has shown positive results in reducing blood pressure. It also stands as a deterrent against the development of fatal heart risks. Further, it contains many anti-cancer properties which step up the immune function and also protect against the symptoms of psoriasis.

What To Consider When Buying When Protein Powder

Source of whey protein

All the whey protein powders emphasize their source of protein which is whey protein isolate or whey protein concrete. For choosing the right one you should know the difference between whey protein isolate and whey protein concrete. Whey protein isolate is the purest form of protein which can be bought and has a higher concentration of BCCA’s which are key essential amino acids. They help in the easier recovery of muscle after a workout. It has a high degree of refinement which makes sure that there is a purity standard and you get a good amount of protein. On the other hand, the whey concentrate has a few carbs and fat in the powder. With this, you may also lose valuable protein sub-fractions. So, you need to see the filtration technique.

Protein content per scoop

When you are paying for a protein powder then you should get the total benefits of it and not fake fillers or sugar which can be bad for your health. It is hard to get a protein content equivalent to scoop size, but there are also other factors such as carbs, sweeteners etc. if a scoop is 40gm and 22gm is protein then only buy it if the other factors are the ones you want. You need to read the labels carefully before making any purchase. If the label has maltodextrin then it is not protein but a weight gainer.

Sugar content in your protein

Your protein powder should not contain any sugar. You should check the label that states terms like cane sugar, maltodextrin or corn syrup. Your protein should not contain any sugar as it has zero nutrients. If you are on a diet, then the protein powder you are consuming should be total sugar-free as it can stop your weight loss progress.

Look beyond proteins

In the times where everyone is multi-tasking, the whey protein powder should work as hard as you do. Your whey protein powder should be loaded with vitamins, minerals and creatine to help achieve your goal. The whey protein has a blend of multivitamins which help in unlocking energy for intense training sessions. It also helps in lifting heavyweights.

Dosage Levels

As per the health care professionals, if you want to use whey protein powder for weight loss, a minimum amount of 8.4-84 grams per day should be consumed, and 2.4 grams/kg per day should be taken in a high-calorie formula, or 42-84 grams per day in a glutamine-enriched formula. For treating scaly, itchy skin, 5 grams per day of a specific whey protein extract should be consumed.

Final Verdict - Is Whey Protein Powder Good For Health?

Whey protein powder and supplements are healthy and effective in many ways as they contribute to your daily protein intake in your diet. It is a good source of protein which is easily absorbed by our body. It works best for weight trainers and athletes which lack natural proteins in their diet and give more muscle mass and strength while reducing body fat. Optimum Nutrition Hydro protein induces muscle gain and helps in fat loss. This is one of the best supplements to achieve your fitness goals.

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