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  • Hosting platform for online courses
  • Enables webinar services for conference meetings
  • Automated and easy to use webinar interfaces
  • Supports Virtual conference and video call
  • Industry leading all in one webinar platform
  • Professional platform for Business individuals
  • Hybrid webinars with built in landing pages
  • Compatibles with desktop and mobile devices
  • Powerful platform for online courses
  • User-friendly interface to connect with students
  • Engaging virtual classroom experience
  • Personalization and configuration tools
  • Integrated online services for training sessions
  • Webinar funnels helps to connect with clients
  • Marketing platform optimizes campaigns
  • Easily connects with social media platforms
  • Connects with marketing and tracking platforms
  • Enterprise ready communication solution
  • Simplifies remote conference meetings
  • Smart video communication toolbox
  • Browser-based webinar software
  • Interactive and customizable video player
  • Stream and share marketing video easily
  • Supports with premium integrations
  • Highly simulated live webinars
  • Live streaming and quality online tools
  • Multi-presenter and fastest hosting platform
  • Fast and instant video conferencing tool
  • Features quality based support for customers
  • Intelligent online collaboration tools
  • Webinar tools optimizes business
  • Automated lead generation services
  • Custom registration templates and graphics
  • Analyzes and tracks webinar stats
  • Advanced platform to collaborate with teams
  • HD quality video streaming technology
  • Unlimited customization and easy browser access
  • Superior screen sharing and recording features
  • Effective webinar services with marketing tools
  • Designed to enhance business growth
  • Modern and high quality chat services
  • Provides HD video calling experience
  • Cloud based broadcasting technology
  • High quality video streaming technology
  • Presents pixel perfect video calling
  • Perfect webinar software for marketing
  • Webinar services for virtual events and broadcasting
  • Flexible and easy to set up online tools
  • Intuitive web hosting controls
  • Smart and effective event assistance
  • Collaborative training sessions
  • Expert web assistant services
  • Fully personalized meeting rooms
  • Browser-based webinar software
  • Interactive and customizable video player
  • Stream and share marketing video easily
  • Supports with premium integrations
  • Interactive analytic tools for webinar marketing
  • Real-time online presentation tools
  • Automatic registration and CRM services
  • Tracks attendee webinar statistics

Best Webinar Hosting Platform Buying Guide


Individuals can choose from the best business services the webinar hosting platforms, which are a perfect choice to virtually hold office meetings. Often the face to face meeting between the employees cannot be held. The virtual business meetings become more efficient due to the webinar hosting platforms. 

Every business should opt for virtual meetings in their organizations. With the tremendous current pressure on the world and the intensified need for home and remote working, these webinar hosting services gives every employee an excellent opportunity to attend the office meeting from wherever they are present. Furthermore, the business can also conduct urgent meetings easily, and also they can quickly and efficiently coordinate with the organization's employees.

Hosting a webinar is a cost-effective option for business organizations. It helps people to share real-time information, data, and experience. This meeting method has gained immense popularity for the past few years due to their social distancing norms and enabling the business to become digital.

Features Of Webinar Hosting Platforms

The internet has helped people to get closer even though they are situated at far away distance. The webinar hosting services help business organizations to conduct their meetings with the employees cost-effectively and efficiently. One can easily share their views and presentation virtually through the screen sharing option of the webinar platforms. Therefore, the features of the webinar hosting platforms are as follows:

Screen Sharing

All the top webinar hosting platforms have the feature of screen sharing. This helps the individuals to easily share their views and presentation to the other members in the meeting.


This is another most amazing feature one can enjoy by hosting a webinar online. Collaboration helps the business to use audience polling, file sharing, and live chat features.


Using the webinar hosting services, all the companies and businesses require enhanced security features while conducting their meetings. The various security features include the permission to share files and record screen, authentication, and confidential attendee list.


Some of the top webinar hosting platforms like Webinar Ninja and Zoom have their mobile applications and enable the users to conduct or join a webinar through mobile.

Interface Design

All the top webinar hosting services enable us to run online meetings without a hitch. Participants can quickly and easily join the meetings, whether they are at home or office. Not only are these features beneficial for the participants, but also the hosts can easily schedule the meetings and manage them efficiently.

Benefits Of Webinar Hosting Platforms

The top webinar hosting platforms can provide users with several benefits like reduced cost, efficient collaboration among the employees, and many other benefits. It makes conducting a webinar hassle-free and seamless. Thus, the benefits of webinar hosting services are discussed below:


All the top webinar hosting services like business hangout webinar services help the business benefits companies to save a significant amount of money by hosting their meetings. These two platforms offer free webinar hosting services to the users. Moreover, there are also other platforms whose services can be availed by users at a cost-effective price. The webinar hosting's subscription plans come in various types, like annually, monthly, and quarterly. These online webinars significantly eliminate physical meetings cost, chairs, pens, and notepads, etc.

Deliver Tremendous Value

Hosting a webinar online can help businesses to deliver tremendous value to the participants. The business can keep the webinars' participants engaged by enabling them to ask questions and give feedback. Some of the top webinar hosting services can efficiently complete this task.

No Limit On The Number Of Participants

Hosting a webinar online can be an easy task. And the main benefit of using it is numerous business employees can easily participate in the webinar. There is no limitation on the number of attendees. The top webinar platforms do not pose any restriction on the number of attendees. The management of such a large number of participants has become easy and smooth.

Impact Analysis

If someone delivers a presentation online, they may not get instant feedback about the presentation. But while delivering a presentation through the top webinar hosting platforms, enterprise-ready solutions for any problem. This platform enables the host to analyze specific data points, give feedback, and know where and when someone left the meeting. Thus, it makes the task of impact analysis more effective.

Immerse Collaboration

Another prime benefit of webinar hosting is that companies and the business can experience high-quality audio, video, and content sharing from anywhere around the world. By using webinar hosting platforms' services, one can easily make widespread teams collaborate with the participants in the same manner as the physical meeting. One can use the advanced options for cameras, speakers, display screen, and screen sharing features.

Global Workspace

The live webinar hosting platforms can easily make the organizations transform their virtual meeting into a global workspace. The conferencing softwares enables the teams to work together and have seamless and hassle-free working experience. This technology enables people to connect with other people residing in any part of the work and collaborate with them to work and exchange their views and experiences.

Supports Work From Home

Another major benefit of the webinar hosting platforms is that they support work from home. The new parents often face the problem of coming to the office and have to choose to work from home as they have to manage their babies. Thus, the best platforms enable the employees to feel connected with the office. This software promotes the work from home experience and also enables the business to become digital.

Creates Consistent And Accurate Record

Taking all the notes of meeting in an audio conferencing or physical meeting becomes a tedious task. But then this problem is solved while hosting a meeting by using the webinar hosting services one can easily record the details of the meeting and transcribe that record whenever required. The details of the meeting remain intact without any damage to it. Furthermore, one can also refer to those data and share them with the persons who couldn't attend the meeting so that every person can keep pace with what is discussed in the meetings.

Enhances Productivity

With the help of the webinar hosting services, one can enhance their productivity and the productivity of their team. The webinar hosting services enables the users with high-quality audio and video and makes the task of collaborating on the documents in real-time more easy and efficient. One does not have to face lost messages, long email chains, version control issues, etc. This software ensures that everyone in the can get feedback, and their queries are solved efficiently. Moreover, it also ensures no disturbance of video and audio during the meeting, and the participants can be easily brainstormed.

Enables Scheduling Meetings Smoother

With the help of top webinar hosting services, one can schedule all their meetings easily. The webinar ensures that the participants can join the meeting anywhere, be it a taxi, hotel room, garden, home, etc. This also makes sure that everyone is up to date with the business's working style, and they can easily join the meeting from any device.

Tips for Choosing Webinar Hosting Services

Below are some of the tips one should consider before taking the services of the top webinar hosting platforms.

Customer Support

The customer is an essential service provided by all the webinar hosting platforms. It is a vital factor one should take into account before taking their services. Some of the webinar platforms provide customers with excellent after-sales customer support. Not only these platforms but also the tech support of the other platforms quickly responds to the queries of the customers and accurately provides them with the appropriate solutions. Customer service ensures how the webinar hosting platforms treat their customers and their priority.

Smart Meetings

To enhance productivity, some of the webinar hosting services like artificial intelligence technology. This smart meeting easily takes the notes of the meeting and automatically sends it to every participant. One should look for this feature in webinar hosting services they would prefer to use. This smart meeting also assigns the task to the specific participants. 

Application Integration

Application integration is also another thing one should look for before taking the services of the webinar hosting platforms. Numerous platforms enable users to integrate third-party services like Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, etc. These services will help to share the data with the other participants in the meeting more seamlessly. Furthermore, some hosting platforms also provide the plugins for Gmail, google calendar. 


Therefore, the webinar hosting platforms like clickmeeting are excellent services that every organization should incorporate into their systems. It makes it possible to hold the meetings virtually and is a cost-effective option. These webinars also ensure that the meetings become highly productive by providing numerous amazing features to the customers.

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