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Take a sneak-peek into the industrial grade high performance air compressors that give effective support in workstations, garages, and small industries.

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  • Electric powered single phase air compressor
  • Industrial grade vertical compressor
  • Auto start and stop control features
  • Adjustable unloader from 105-125 PSI
  • High performance air compressor
  • Splash lubricated compressor kit
  • Versatile device for workshops, garages
  • Built with thermal control features
  • Packed with all safety measures
  • Features pressure regulator, outlet controller
  • Induction motor with overload protection
  • 60 gallon vertical tank with drain valve
  • Commercial air compressor for small industries
  • Heavy duty portable air compressor
  • Packed with industrial lubricated air
  • Easy to access and control features
  • Optimum tool delivers maximum pressure
  • Dual pump air compressor system
  • Powerful and quiet operation motor
  • Designed for spray guns and sanders
  • Provides performance upto 3000 hours
  • Sturdy design industrial air pump
  • Cylinder pump with heat dissipation system
  • Professional air compressor
  • ASME certified air pump
  • Quiet and low maintenance electric air compressor
  • High capacity compressor with reinforced grip
  • Stable steel tank with easy mobility features
  • Oil-free air compressor system
  • Easy and convenient control features
  • Delivers high performance and durability
  • 10 gallon air tank gives maximum pressure
  • Compressor with hassle-free operation modes
  • Induction motor provides enhanced performance
  • Vertical design air compressor
  • High quality and durable air pump
  • CSA certified portable air compressor
  • Designed with rubber feet for stabilization
  • Standard semi-pneumatic ensures easy mobility

Everything You Need To Know About Vertical Air Compressors


What are air compressors? A machine or a device that is designed to provide airflow to equipment in a system. The tools work in two phases; release operation and compression operation. Compressors are also of two types namely positive displacement and centrifugal or dynamic one. Air compressors have found usage in a variety of equipment and tasks. Some of the equipment that works properly when filled with compressed air are spray guns, nails, drills, staplers, sanders, grinders, AC units, etc. A few important information pointers are mentioned in the article that is important for the buyers to be aware of. 

How does an air compressor work?

Air compressors have found wide usage in various industry verticals and are easily found in several places. For example, in gas stations, it is used to inflate tires. The function of the tool is based on a simple principle. When the air is compressed, the volume of the air decreases, and the pressure increases. Reciprocating piston technology is employed by most of the air compressors. The piston compressor has a connecting rod, crankshaft, cylinder, a piston, and a valve head. Power is required for the mechanism to work. The tool is generally powered by gas or electricity, depending on the model. Some of the products have a storage tank for storing compressed air.  

The compressor sucks air and creates a vacuum to bring down its volume. The vacuum is responsible for pushing the air out of the chamber into the tank. Once maximum air pressure is reached in the tank, the compressor will turn off. The compressor will turn on when the pressure drops below the permissible limit. 

Role of lubrication in air compressors

Oil-lubricated pumps: In this variety, the oil is pumped into the cylinder walls and bearings. It is more durable and is often referred to as the oil-flooded lubrication. Piston rings keep oil and air separate. Sometimes the oil seeps into the tank.

Oil-free pumps: These have a permanent solution. The bearings are permanently lubricated, eliminating the need for an oil bath. 

Use of compressed air in everyday life

A wide range of products using compressed air has found usage in our everyday life. It makes life more convenient, efficient, and safe. From pneumatic drills to HVAC units, the use of compressed air cannot be overlooked. It is a marvel how mankind managed to use technology to transform the easily available ambient air in the environment to motorized power units and make life convenient. Air tools are being used in various tasks ranging from painting the walls, sanding the wood, hammering beams to having plasterboards in place. The best vertical air compressors are used in small industries, garages, and workstations.  

Different Types of Air Compressors

Reciprocating Air Compressors

These are the positive displacement machines that can be explained as the machine that increases air pressure and decreases volume. A closed space sucks successive volumes of air and transforms it into higher pressure. The presence of a piston within the cylinder allows the accomplishment of compressing and displacing elements in the reciprocating air compressor. In this category, two types of compressors are commercially available:

  • Single-stage air compressors are required to handle pressure within the range of 70psig to 100 psig.
  • Two-stage air compressors are required to handle higher pressure like 100psig to 250 psig. 
  • (Compressors with 1-50 HP are reciprocating units, and more than 100 HP are Rotary Screw or Centrifugal Compressors). 

Rotary Screw Compressors

These are also positive displacement compressors. Single-stage helical or spiral lobe oil flooded screw air compressors are the common types of Rotary air compressors. In this technology, rotors compress the air internally. These have no valves. The units are oil-cooled as the oil is used to seal the internal clearance. Extreme operating temperature is not experienced by the tool as the cooling is taking place inside the compressor. Hence, this type of air compressor is an air-cooled or a water-cooled package. These are simple to maintain and operate. Such air compressors provide high output volume over a long time. Oil-free lubrication allows compression of air without oil in the chamber resulting in perfect oil-free air. 

Centrifugal Air Compressors

It is a dynamic compressor dependent upon the transfer of energy from a rotating impeller to the air. The rotating impeller imparts high-pressure by converting angular momentum, and this is called dynamic displacement. To achieve this end, the air compressors of this type operate at high speed. The flow through the compressor is continuous and thus can handle higher capacity tasks. It is an oil-free compression as per its design. 

Essential Parameters To Know Before Buying Air Compressor

A few features of the product should be well-known to the buyer so that an optimum product is purchased and owned by the buyer. Whether the buyer is a contractor, automotive technician, mechanic, or layman; the product information can be a great way to handle the best purchases. The following are some of the features that should be enquired about the product:

Horse Power (HP)

The rating of a gas engine HP is different from an electric one. Quoting an example here would be apt to say that a 10 HP compressor can generate as much air as a 5 HP electric compressor. 

Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM)

The volume of air produced by an air compressor is measured cubic feet per minute or CFM. Air compressors may have different ratings of CFM. Smaller compressions may show 90 PSI because this kind of pressure must run most of the tools. 3-4 CFM per real HP is required at 90 PSI.

Air Pressure (PSI)

Air pressure is measured at Pounds per Square Inch or PSI. Most air tools require 90 PSI, and a compressor with high shut off pressure is required to maintain that level of PSI. Most of the industrial compressors are two stages, and this means that these have been designed to handle build up pressure in two stages. The first stage shows 90 PSI build-up, and the second stage exhibits 175 PSI. Single-stage compressors shut-off at 125-135 PSI. In reality, at 100 PSI the small air compressors shut-off pressure. 

Air compressor storage tank

Tank in compressors is only used to store air. If a compressor can produce 10 CFM at regular intervals, then 20 CFM can be taken out of the tank at half the time. A small compressor with a big tank can store enough air for good performance. Small compressors are portable and easy to manage compared to the larger ones. A large tank does not start and stop frequently and cools the air better. Tank size is measured in US gallons. 

Belt Drive

In both versions, good compressors are easily available. The direct drive compressor is connected to the motor shaft directly. It moves at the same speed as the motor, usually 1725-3450 RPM. Low-quality direct drive compressors are low RPM. Even the noise of such compressors is unbearable. A few brands still manage to manufacture low RPM direct drive compressors in small sizes but with excellent results. Porter Cable portable air compressor is gathering great reviews of the users. 

If the user needs higher air volume, then the belt drive compressor is the best choice. It cannot be carried everywhere. The pump can move slower than the motor allowing it to be more effective and less wear and tear. Oil lubricated belt drive compressors are also better as the noise is less, and productivity is high. 

Duty Cycle

The number of minutes a compressor can run in a 10-minute schedule. The low-quality compressor may not fully consume the duty cycle and may run only for 5 minutes out of the scheduled 10-minute cycle. Most of the industry-grade compressors are strong and can deliver a 75-100% duty cycle. The buyer should be aware of this feature of the product so that an optimum purchase is made. 

Life Expectancy

It is not advised to buy a compressor unless the manufacturer or seller can tell the compressor's life expectancy. A 10-15 HP compressor can survive longer and yield good results. Though it may be costly, it will prove to be a better deal for the buyer in the long run. 


This is an important question that the buyer needs to ask themself. Examine the compressor's uses for your purpose and then decide the ideal size to serve your purpose. The buyer running industry equipment will have to follow the manufacturer's advice and the compressor's specification. Automotive compressors are good at 10 CFM at 90 PSI. For sanders and likewise tools, at least 10-16 CFM compressors are required. 

Final Thoughts

There are many air compressors available in the market as the product has high usage in a diverse set of tools and machines. Of all, California Air Tools is efficient enough to provide an oil-free air compression system. These tools get empowered to operate smoothly with an efficient air compressor with decent features and characteristics. 

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