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Delightfully curated vegan subscription box comes with plant-sourced meals with enriched proteins, fiber for a healthier lifestyle.

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  • 100% vegan and cruelty free graze box
  • Easy to manage vegan box and renewal facility
  • Over 10 items per month with flexible subscription
  • Get diet, vegan, classic, gluten free option
  • Wide collection of beverage, graze and more
  • Perfect gift for friends and family members
  • Convenient plant-based meals for health
  • Quickly get highly protein diet on dinner
  • Helps to reduce blood pressure and heart disease
  • Ideal subscription box to party celebration
  • Online secure payment service for client comfort
  • Red, white, chardonnay, pinot noir wine collection
  • WW approved and diabetes friendly food
  • Sustainable, high quality spice ingredients
  • Step-by-step chef designed recipe instruction
  • Contain two full sized items in monthly box
  • Best vegan beauty subscription for women
  • Get haircare, makeup, and other accessories
  • Organic, raw vegan natural nibble intended
  • GMO free and low in sugar items for fat person
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with free shipping facility
  • Protein, fiber sourced food products
  • Paleo and keto friendly delicious snacks
  • Non-sugar, GMO added edibles for seniors
  • Offer four unique tea preferences for consumers
  • Personalized tea subscription with each month
  • Affordable multi-brand product for great experience
  • Contain wholesome and simple ingredients
  • Include classic, vegand, and gluten-free plans
  • Best subscription box with nutrients goodies
  • 100% pure fruit pigmented foundation
  • Non-toxic, ethically sourced components
  • Moisturizing multiple color lip gloss
  • Cutlery free, plant-based essentials intended
  • International shipping service and free to US
  • Perfectly suitable for relaxation and healing purpose
  • Skincare, makeup collection for facial use
  • Theme based plan to enhance beauty routine
  • Contract free and cancelling service at any time
  • Non-toxic yet eco-friendly makeup for a better look
  • Organic mascara, facial cream, lipstick, nailpolish
  • Perfectly suitable for professional beauty salons
  • Intend with natural ingredients and tasty flavors
  • Locally vegetable sourced essential dishes
  • Money back guarantee for customer comfort

Ultimate Guide To Vegan Subscription Boxes

Choosing a vegan life may have been the best decision you have made. If you're planning to make a vegan diet a part of your regular days, you may be worrying where you can get yourself all the vegan goodies on an everyday basis, which would make it easy to practice the vegan life. More than 8% of the world's population has turned vegan in the recent years, and 2020 may be the best year for you to be vegan because everything you will need will be delivered at your doorstep through the vegan subscription boxes. It is found that from 2014 to 2020 there has been a 40% increase in the total number of vegan box subscribers.

Things To Consider When Subscribing To A Vegan Box

Vegan Ingredients And Recipes

As a vegan, the most troublesome task is to find the most authentic and fresh ingredients to prepare a delicious vegan meal. Vegan ingredients are not easy to get your hands on, especially in regions where veganism hasn't caught on yet. When subscribing to a vegan box service, you need to make sure that your provider has access to all kinds of vegan ingredients so you can get a variety of items to choose from. You may not always know what is available in the market. Make sure you select a service that keeps you updated with the new ingredients available and provide you with the best ones.

Vegan Snacks

Having a box of tasty treats in the house can sometimes make your day better. Various vegan box suppliers can provide you with several tasty vegan snacks which may be what you need. Vegan snack boxes usually contain vegan power bars, vegan tea, seed packs, vegan chips, and crisps, etc. The vegan snack box is an exciting item to have as it healthily feeds your cravings. It is important to look for the vegan snack box when subscribing to the vegan box service.

Vegan Beverages And Desserts

This may come as a surprise but yes vegan wine is an actual thing. If you are looking to keep your health in check but don't want to miss out on enjoying nature's gifts, then the Winc vegan wine is something you must try.

The vegan beverage box is a must-have as it not only lets you replace alcohol from your lifestyle but also makes you live a more healthy life as it provides you with other beverages like online tea clubs, vegan energy drinks, non-dairy milk, root beer, and much more. If you have the right vegan box, you no longer have to look elsewhere.

Vegan Meal Kits

The vegan box subscriptions will also offer you various vegan meal kits and plan your meals. With a busy schedule, you may not find the time to make yourself a meal, this is when your vegan box subscription will come in great use. When you select a vegan box supplier make sure they provide you with meal planning and meal kit delivery services. This by far will be the most convenient service you can get. This service will ensure that your meals are being prepared using the ingredients you prefer and is being flavored to your liking based on the data they collect from you. You will receive your warm, delicious, and nutritious vegan meals at your doorstep at the right time without having to work for it.

Moreover, they can schedule your meals and prepare diet charts for yourself if you are looking for a vegan nutritionist's services. The additional features may charge you more than the general subscription rate but are worth it if you are looking for such services.

Skin Care And Beauty Products

The vegan life does not only end with your meals and snacks. Today, people have become more aware. Skincare subscription products as well as luxury clothing have become more conscious and are heading towards the direction of veganism. All your skincare needs and cosmetics are also available as vegan products. While a vegan diet takes care of your organs and nourishes your body and mind, vegan cosmetics are essential oils, creams, and ointments made from natural ingredients.

It is important to ensure that your subscription to a vegan box provides you with these essential skincare products to not miss out on the benefits of living a vegan life. You can even find vegan cosmetics such as the vegan lashes handcrafted with a soft cotton band and Korean silk materials. There are many such vegan products you can find for yourself if you subscribe to the right providers.

Brands And Its Cost

Several brands in 2020 offer various types of vegan boxes with different items. Look for the brands which provide you with the exact items you need to meet your requirements. Being brand-aware is especially important when going vegan is because the brand name comes with an added reliability that their product is 100% genuine. The more well-known the brand is, the more information you can get about their practices.

While trying to make your purchase cost-effective make sure you look for customizable vegan boxes to choose what you need and only pay for those. Having the option to make your vegan box will make your purchase feel more satisfactory.

List of Items

To keep yourself motivated to continue a vegan diet, it is important to have a variety of options ready. Being vegan is a difficult choice. Eating the same food over and over again may make you lose interest. When looking for a vegan subscription box, make sure the variety they offer fits your needs. The number of items provided in every box should be consistent and ample for your paying amount. More the number of items in the box, the better-assorted meals you get to enjoy.


The vegan life is one of the most exciting and caring ways to live. It has become easy to continue your vegan diet, especially when vegan food is delivered right at your doorstep. The Vegancut box can easily be subscribed to online or on call, which will help you live a cruelty-free and healthy lifestyle.

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