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Ergonomic design 4K Projector with advanced UHD pro technology offers immersive cinematic experience while playing games or watching movies.

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  • 4K PRO -UHD projection technology
  • Real-time 12bit analog to digital processing
  • Full HDR color processing system
  • Ideal for home entertainment
  • AUST technology system for perfectly fin in any area
  • Harman kardon stereo sound for cinema experience
  • Intelligent eye protection against radiation and fatigue
  • Connected to gaming console USB harddrive and Tv set top box
  • Ideal for games lovers
  • Operates with remote control system
  • Project upto 120’’ larger with high resolution LED chip
  • Advanced 3D Technology for color theme
  • connect with smartphone,amazon fire TVstick and console games
  • Advanced color technology for quality Picture
  • Includes 3000 lumens brightness power
  • Compatible with amazon alexa and google assistant
  • Easily adjust volume for low and high
  • Perfect for beginners
  • 4K UHD Projector screen up to 140 inch
  • Support amazon alexa and google assistant
  • Versatile connectivity via wireless bluetooth and other mobile devices
  • Compatible with all smartphone ,PC and laptop
  • Perfect for business man for viewing their project
  • Includes 2400 lumen colors brightness
  • Built -in dual harman kardon bluetooth speaker
  • Smart LED 4K projector for professional use
  • Solid state LED technology for power efficiency
  • Offer action-packed movies sport and games
  • Easily Connect with amazon alexa for voice control
  • Built -in dual harman kardon bluetooth speaker
  • Compact and slim design for easy
  • Built with Premium sound quality and crystal clear image
  • 4K UHD home theater projector with HDR and HLG
  • Suitable for teenagers
  • DLP technology for digital IMAX theatre
  • 4K UHD resolution Projector
  • Ideal for professional use
  • Portable and slimmers design projector for carrying
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor gaming and sport
  • Home theatre project for moving
  • 1080P Image with HDR10 technology for large screen entertainment
  • Extensive connectivity with media player game console and PCs

How To Choose The Best Portable Ultra HD Projector For Your Home?


Those days are gone when the High Quality Projectors were being used in cinema theatres only. With the increasing mass production of the projectors, and advanced home theatre appliances common households also started having their projectors and mini-movie theatres at home. If you have a spare room, and you are a movie lover then you can also convert the room into a movie theatre.

Projectors did not enter the common household in the beginning. The offices started having it first to conduct its meetings for a large audience. Then slowly projectors entered common houses to make the movie nights more enjoyable.

Now you don’t need to spend millions of dollars to have a movie theatre-like experience, even by spending a few thousand dollars you can make your movie theatre and watch your favorite movies with your loved ones by choosing Ultra HD Projectors.

What is the projector?

Projectors can come in different shapes and sizes, and it can offer you a wide range of facilities depending upon which model you choose. Before buying the projector you need to understand its functionality and depending upon a wide range of factors you should choose the perfect one.

Projectors can be considered as an inverted camera that will throw light on a screen to show you some image or series of images. That is how projectors operate and offer you movie experience. Movies are a series of still images, which have been organized in a special sequence. When the images are changed at a fast speed you feel that the objects are moving and that is why it is called a movie.

Understanding the basic principle of a projector is not enough to choose the right model in the 21st century as the movies have become digital and modern-day projectors offer more complicated and sophisticated technology. Previously, projectors were able to provide 240p resolution, and the brightness was negligible. With the changing time, the power and capabilities of projectors have improved by a significant margin. In the 21st century, high-end projectors 4k ultra HD can satisfy your craving for color-rich media consumption.

The weight of the projectors has decreased as well; even small portable projectors can offer you 4k quality images. You don’t even need to have a huge space in your room to accommodate the 4k ultra HD projectors, as the advanced projectors are equipped with cutting edge technology that will offer you more powerful viewing experience in a compact package.

With the introduction of projectors for the mass market, different companies are offering 4k projectors and different models are present in the market to choose from. In such a situation, it has become extremely difficult for individuals to choose the best ultra HD projector for their media consumption. Here is some basic aspect which needs to be considered to make the right purchasing decision.

Purpose of the Projector

Before even scrolling the price and functions of different models of the project, be sure about the main purpose of the purchase. If you are buying the projector for the office presentation, then you need to consider the models that are compact and can be fitted in any small space. Also, consider the brightness of the projector as most of the time meetings take place in a well-lit place and in the day time. In such a situation, if you purchase a projector that has very low lumens or brightness then your guests will be having difficulty at the time of viewing the main presentation and low visibility will also distract your audience.

If you are purchasing for your movie nights and house party sessions then you need to consider those models that are having 4k resolution and very wide aspect ratio. Most of the movies come in a 16:9 aspect ratio and make sure your projector supports the format. Also, new movies are made in the 4k format, so it is best to purchase a projector that supports 4k format as well.

Size of the Room

Depending upon the size of the room, the projector must be selected. If you want to get the best experience from your projector then you must use the projector with the recommended screen and distance from the screen. Some modern-day projectors are equipped with different types of technology to suit the needs of individuals.

If you are having a small 10 feet X 10 feet room, then you must consider the laser projectors. The laser projectors have a very short throwing angle, and you can even experience the best image quality by just keeping the projector at a distance of 18 inches. Also, laser projectors offer the brightest image quality. However, if you are tight on budget and have a big room then you can skip the option of a laser projector, like these, the cost of best HD projectors are high and repairing costs are high as well.

But if you have a big room and adequate space then you can opt for the ceiling-mounted projectors. These projectors might take large space, but it can provide you with a larger projection only if you opt for a bigger screen Vava home theatre projector for all places. So, depending upon the size of your room you should be choosing the projector technology and the model.

Usability and Frequency of Use

Before making your purchasing decision, you need to be assured about the usage of the projector. If you are buying the best-rated HD projectors for office purposes, and there is a presentation almost every day, then a business projector will be the perfect solution for you. Business projectors are not only robust, but the higher lumens of the projector bulb make the projections visible through ambient light as well.

For movie lovers, the best home theater HD projectors are the perfect option. However, if you love to watch football matches live with your friends, then these types of projectors can provide a very good result for you. Home theatre projectors are specially developed to operate long watching hours and to provide high-resolution video seamlessly.

If you are just planning to purchase the projector to consume your daily dose of media then a pocket projector can be the best option for you. These projectors are not only pocket friendly but it will provide you the option of flexible use. You don’t need a proper screen to use this projector, as any wall can be used as a projection screen for these devices.

Requirement of Maintenance

Well, different people have different requirements from their projectors and depending upon this factor people need to choose their projector model. If you are going to use the projector occasionally then you need to choose the best HD projectors for gaming that will offer flexible usability and very nominal maintenance cost. For this purpose, you can choose between the LED and laser technology-based projectors. However, between these two types of projectors, LED technology is more affordable and user friendly as well.

For the heavy media consumers, and those who are planning to use it to a projector for at least 7 to 8 hours every day can opt for laser technology. The laser technology doesn’t even require any type of maintenance and these projectors can produce vibrant color and high-quality 4k video projections. If you like to play a video game on your projector then this can be the perfect solution for you, and the best part is you don’t need to think about the maintenance of the projector.

Connectivity Feature

Different projectors are built for a different purpose and because of these reasons projectors are offered different connectivity features. Pocket projectors are equipped with Bluetooth technology so that you can connect the projector with any Bluetooth enabled device. Most of the people consume their daily dose of media from their smartphone, and these projectors can be connected easily with smartphones via Bluetooth.

For making a home theatre you need a projector that is equipped with a wide range of connectivity features. People can play their favorite movies from DVD players, computers, smartphones. This Epson projector is used to connect with gaming consoles for game lovers. That is why a wide range of connectivity options are required and it is safe to use the best HD projectors for gaming sports.

Office projectors need to be connected with PCs, and this aspect of these devices makes it extremely straight forward. Simple USB connectivity option is enough for business projectors and if you are looking for a projector for this purpose then you must consider the USB connectivity option in the projector.


Finally, it can be stated that there is a wide variety of projectors available in the marketplace. Before choosing the projector for yourself, you must consider these basic aspects before making your purchasing decision. This will help you to get the best product for your money. Also, the price of the projectors can be overwhelming and you must not consider the price only while making your decision. Rather, consider these above-mentioned points and choose the most suitable one for your money and purpose as Wireless pro uhd chip projector for cinematic view. This way, you will avoid any unwanted expenses in the future.

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