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Modern design tool chests are stable, sturdy, easy to use, and provide more storage space to protect from damages.

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  • Patented drawer latching system
  • Large drawers equipped with double sliders
  • Ball bearings hold up to 150lbs weight
  • Raise and release tabular locks
  • Ergonomic tabular side handles
  • Full width drawers to accommodate large tools
  • Aluminium edge guard protection system
  • Textured powder coat finish
  • Featured with various sizes of 16 drawers
  • Lined drawers to protect against scratches
  • Ball-bearing slides
  • Utilizes fixed and swivel casters
  • Mobile workbench supports upto 1800 lbs
  • Secure latch retention system
  • Tabular handles for comfortable movings
  • Built in power charging station
  • Small part bins and peg hooks included
  • Individual locking drawers for added security
  • Heavy duty water resistant material
  • Heavy duty caster wheels
  • Beautiful designed tool for garage work stations
  • Multiple storage spaces for different tools
  • Solid rubber wood top
  • Durable and long lasting performance
  • Water resistant with seal lid protection
  • High security heavy duty steel
  • 16 gauge steel construction for durability
  • Removable top tray of upper compartments
  • Flat key for locking both top and front doors
  • Four silent and self oiling wheels
  • Industrial grade protection and security
  • Quick release ball bearing slides
  • Internal locking system
  • PVC protected drawer liners
  • Extruder aluminium drawer handles
  • Flexible universal wheels for transportation
  • Multiple structure with lockable cabinets
  • Different size drawers for various size tools
  • Durable high quality cold rolled steel

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Tool Chest?

Want to store your tools in a more organized manner? Well, then Tool Chest is the best choice for you. A Tool chest is a storage unit used to carry, organize, and protect your tools. It is a portable box that can carry a few nuts and pins to a location or a large storage unit on casters to carry high-end equipment. A tool chest comes in several shapes, storage and capacity to hold your tools. Modern Tools are mainly made from metal or plastic because it is feasible for mass production, though wood was the primary choice for tool chests initially.

Types of Tool Chests

Plastic Tool Chest

The plastic tool-chest is a simple, effective and inexpensive way to store all your tools. It also allows you to use them easily in your day-to-day work. They are often considered as empty boxes as they are mostly stored in-home, in garages or on workstations. With the addition of smaller tools like screws and nails, a plastic tool chest can be important for quick access. Many plastic tool-chests come with drawers that help you to organize and layout your tools for easy access along with removable trays. It is always a good idea to look for Milwaukee tool-chests with lockable lid for extra security.

Aluminum Tool Chest

Aluminum is a common option because it is both durable and strong, it is also lightweight like plastic. The aluminum tool chests will cost you a little higher than the plastic ones, but they will surely last longer. These boxes are mainly preferred in sectors like Transportation, Chemical and Aviation, etc., where durability and lightweight materials are essential for business.

Steel Tool Chest

If you want to look for some extra heavy-duty material, then a steel toolbox is the best choice for you. These models are manufactured for high durability, wear-resistance, and strength. While steel tool-chests can be pricier, they are easy to maintain and usually last much longer than any other material, making them the best choice for professional and industrial use. These factors are vital when your tool’s safety and protection is essential to your business.

Cantilever Tool Chest

These tool chests are available in various professional and unique designs with two to four shelves, including a bottom tray for more loading support. The individual shelves will allow you to be more organized with your space, which is perfect for allowing you to access your tools quickly without piling them up on one another.

This makes the cantilever tool chest a great choice for remodelling professionals, carpenters and any other professionals who work in construction and for those who need quick access to tools and for those working under tight deadlines. The ergonomic design of these models will allow you to lift or carry these boxes even while carrying heavy loads. These chests are constructed with a steel body for added strength. This allows it to be used repeatedly without causing any trouble.

Waterproof Tool Chest

The waterproof or weather-guarded tool chests provide you with an all-round water seal that keeps your tools safe and dry. These are highly in demand when carrying forensic testing equipment and lances equipment.

These boxes are made from structural foam for providing extra strength and have an extra-spacious storage capacity with an easy-opening lid. The tough ergonomic soft-grip handle will allow heavy loads to be lifted and carried with ease and the large metal rust-proof latches will provide you with a secure closing and storing facility.

Incredible Features Of Tool Chest

Colour And Coating

For your domestic purposes you'll find a variety of colors to choose from. However specific color coating or codes are strictly required for industrial purposes as per the various safety and regulation standards like Husky tool chests with protection system. Make sure that your coating is of high resistance. Tool chests are often prone to rough use and a strong coating can do a better job at protecting all your tools.

Determine Storage Needs

Every person’s requirements for a tool chest varies and so does the storage space. If you have professional requirements then the needs will be different from that of an average homeowner's requirement. The number of tools you own and the size of your equipment will determine the storage space you require. If you plan to use it for domestic purposes, then a smaller sized tool chest would be sufficient. This makes it easier for you to carry around the house. If you are someone who owns a garage or works with bigger projects, then you will require a much more extensive tool chest.

Load Capacity

The material of your tool chest will determine the loading capacity it has. The kind of tools you plan to store in the chest will help you understand the weight that a tool-chest is required to hold. Choose wisely the material of your tool-chest so that you do not have to worry about over-burdening your storage unit or causing any accidents. Small-sized tool chests come with as low as 11 pounds weight capacity, whereas high-end toolboxes can carry weight up to 110 pounds.


Your tools can be quite heavy, and if you need them to be carried around, then the weight may become an issue. You may have to split up between multiple tool-chests in order to transport them. If you often require to carry large and heavy tools, then a bigger-sized tool chest featuring wheels would be something for you to look into. Imagine not being able to help your friend with his/her repair job even though you have the required tools, but your tool-chest is too heavy to lift or to carry. So, portability must always be considered while purchasing a tool-chest.


The tool-chest can be an essential part of your life, it has proven to make life easier and saves a lot of your time. The Montezuma tool chest for large space is your investment to ensure your expensive tool's safety and longevity and it is in your best interest to have yourself owning one of these excellently designed storage units.

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