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Modern tennis tables come with automatic locker gravity technology along with durable and sturdy legs to let you enjoy with family and friends.

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  • Weather-resistant polyester net for height adjustment
  • Resin laminate hard and dense top surface
  • Corner protector and wheel brakes for safety
  • Best to improve hand-eye coordination
  • 25mm thick surface to bounce ball
  • Foldable hooves for easy transportation
  • Durable steel frame manufactured table
  • Automatic gravity locker technology
  • Improve cognitive awareness
  • MDF board for unparalleled bouncing
  • Offer storage pockets for paddles and balls
  • Sturdy wooden legs for easy and secure placement
  • Sleek hardwood finished bottom for better gameplay
  • Offensive movements for improve core muscles
  • Aluminium composite top for better playability
  • Perfect to maintain mental wellness
  • Space-conscious for convenient storage
  • Best for outdoor table section
  • Anti-corrosion resistance surface
  • Kettler aluminum table tennis top
  • Compact and convenient halves for storage
  • Easily assembled dimension for half of games
  • Sturdy legs for additional support
  • Durable construction with thick solid apron to prevent against wrapping
  • Space saving design for fit any games room
  • Hassle-free attachment with all accessories
  • Premium Locking Wheels For Safety
  • Sturdy black powder coated steel legs
  • Perfect for home and office
  • Lockable caster and halves for convenient storage
  • Multiple roller coat finish and screen striping
  • Ultra-compact storage
  • Clamp-style net for easy on and off
  • Self opening legs with locking wheels

What Should You Look for When Buying a Table Tennis Table?

To eliminate our daily stress and anxiety and enhance personal growth and learning, we should often engage ourselves in some sports activities. Playing some sport helps an individual eliminate the stress and provide numerous health benefits to an individual. 

Due to busy schedules, we often find it difficult to get some free time and play sports. However, it has a solution, play table tennis, which is the best indoor sport. The only thing one has to do is choose a board from the best sports service

Playing table tennis helps an individual to stay fit and burns the calories from the body. This sport significantly enhances the body's reflexes because an intense game will stimulate concentration and mental awareness. 

But while purchasing, one can get confused as there are so many options to choose from. Therefore, to make an individual's task easy, we will discuss the features, benefits, and tips to choose. 

What are the Key Features Of Table Tennis Table?

By choosing the top table tennis table, one can enjoy numerous net system features, true playback, etc. But there are some other amazing features also which are discussed below:

Net System

The best table tennis table consists of the net system, and it is incorporated into the board. The net system makes this more interesting as one can get a feel of the professional game. The net remains attached to the board, and one need not install it after purchasing.

Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism is another most fascinating feature of the top table tennis table, like in 8-foot billiard tables. They are unique because they consist of a locking mechanism that will reduce the risk of accident due to sudden opening and closing. Thus they can injure someone, nor the fingers of an individual will get caught in between the seams.

True Playback

The true play features of the boards are excellent for warm-up and practice. This feature helps an individual fold one side and use it as a bounce-back surface to play a solo match. It folds up so that there is a little gap between the playing surface and net for the solo match. Thus, even if someone is playing solo, they can give a realistic feeling. 

Fold and Store

It is another most interesting feature. This feature makes it to fold up and can be stored compactly. Like Kettler, who play surfaces, retract into the main transport frame, and one can store them compactly, and it does remain tippy.


Some of them consist of wheels, and they can be easily moved from one place to another. It is the best feature as it makes it handier for the people to move it from their room to any other place where they feel they can play better. Moreover, the wheel consists of a locking mechanism that prevents it from rolling.

What Factors To Consider While Buying Table Tennis Tables?

Before purchasing, one should consider numerous factors before making their decisions. There are many available in the market, but they differ in their features and usage. Therefore, to help the people to purchase the best board, below are some of the tips one needs to consider.

Playing Area

Playing area is an important factor every individual needs to consider before purchasing. The usual size of the playing area of a table tennis game is 9 inches long and 5 inches wide, and the net brackets of the board add more than 1 inches to the playing surface. One needs to choose a board with additional 5 inches on each side to have a comfortable distance to play.


Which consists of a thicker board, that provides more bounce to the ball. Whereas in the thinner top, it bounces seems not to be consistent, and one may experience a lower bounce. Similarly, the tables with a thicker board have enhanced restraint to its warping.

The material of The Table

The material should be another vital factor which one needs to consider. They are made from wood and provide different warping and density in contrast to the aluminium board. They are usually made from wooden material, and they are slightly heavy in their weight. The outdoor boards are using aluminium, and they are easy to be moved from one place to another.


One can get numerous options of the undercarriage in the category. The rollway tables include an efficient integration of undercarriage and wheels. These are usually up to a height of 5-6 feet and provide an individual with some extra space. Therefore, the beginner players should choose those tables which do not consist of an undercarriage as they might face problems while playing.


It is another most important factor that one should not ignore while deciding to purchase the table. An individual should always purchase a table whose colour is in contrast to the colour of the floor. It is important to have better visuals while playing. Earlier the boards were available only in green or blue colour. But now, one has the option to purchase tables with customized colours.


Among all the factors, one needs to consider the most vital factor while purchasing a board is its purpose. If someone wants to play some serious game, then the professional tables that cost more are precise. And It should be stronger, durable, and have a polished and thick surface. If one wants to play tennis with family for fun, they should go for adjustable boards and prefer moderate price tables. 

Safety Features

While purchasing products from brands Killerspin, an individual checks for the features and looks if the table has some features. One needs to check for the safety features like protective corners, locking play, locking wheels, playback positions, ease of moving, etc. The safety features ensure that one can have safe gaming with their family without injuring themselves or their friends and families.

Accessory Holder

Even though it might not look like an important factor, one needs to consider it while purchasing. If the accessory holder is present, the table will be more convenient. Some of the models consist of the accessory holder features, which are integrated into the board. It will help an individual to keep the rackets and balls in these holders. Thus, one should look for the tables which have this accessory holder.

Final Thoughts

Thus, Cornilleau provides an individual with realistic playing experiences. By choosing these tennis tables from Cornilleau, one can enjoy numerous features like fold and store. The wheel makes a more accessible, net system, etc. But while purchasing, one needs to consider several factors like accessory holder, colour, safety features, etc. Everyone should have at their home to have some fun time with their family.

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