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Soft-touch Snowboard Jackets made with insulated technology lining, which ensures to stay comfortable in cold weather.

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  • Double layer 10,000MM fabric material for weather protection.
  • Mesh-lined sleeves, pockets, and fleece-lined sherpa collar
  • Comfortable fit jacket with breathability feature to add ventilation
  • The standard jacket includes gloves loop, pocket key clip, and pit zip.
  • Versatile coral color snowboard jacket for all-weather
  • Water-resistant with Teflon surface material intended hoody shell
  • Adjustable cuffs with zipper pocket feature for convenient wearing
  • Anti-fouling quality jacket perfectly suits for hiking camping.
  • Lightweight shell with large hood snowboard jacket
  • Heavy-duty waterproof fabric blended for the rainy season
  • Neutral detergent and machine washable featured jacket
  • Windproof elastic cuff with full zipper closure
  • 95% polyester and 5% spandex blended jacket
  • Skin-friendly velvet lining coat for user comfort
  • Neck snugly stand collar feature to block the wind.
  • Air insulation surface layer technology for great breathability
  • Offer 100% polyester intended snowboard jacket.
  • Zipper closure technology for perfect fit and wind protection
  • Flexible powder skirt jacket at an affordable price
  • Hand washable material for longevity usage
  • 10,000 G two-layer fabric stitched jacket for a dry ride
  • Thermolite lining feature to regulate body temperature
  • Contour hooded snowboard jacket with zipper closure
  • Include media port, pocket clip, glove loop, and pit zip
  • Comfortable inner fuzzy lining allows soft touch.
  • Technical multi-layer windproof fabric jacket for chilled weather
  • Thick padding and 3-structured switched coats for strong winds.
  • Freely movable yet breathable product for daily outdoor life
  • Durable water repellent black color jacket for traveling
  • Thick yet soft fleece lining reinforced crafted jacket.
  • The breathable solid designed coat provides longevity wear.
  • Sturdy and smooth zipper closure function for easy use
  • High-quality fabric constructed coat for boys
  • Lightweight waterproof jacket prevent moderate raindrops.
  • Snow skirt technology intended product at a low price
  • Thermal mesh blended material for a warmer feel
  • High-performing standalone layer coating for durable use
  • Slim style breathable jacket for perfect body fit
  • Offer soft and lightweight coat to unisex teenagers.
  • Sweat-free warm designed products to wear on a sunny day

Tips To Consider While Purchasing Snowboarding Jackets

Snowboarding is a recreational sport that engages descending a snowclad slope on a snowboard with the feet fastened to the rider's feet. The sport has been inspired by skateboarding, skiing, sledding, and surfing. 

The person who wants to indulge in the sport has to be dressed in the right clothing. Snowboard jackets are an absolute must for the sport. Several impressive brands and styles of jackets and raincoats are easily found online. 

Snowboard jackets are long and aerodynamic for boarding. Staying cosy and warm on the slopes is an important factor even while indulging in the sport. Enjoyment elevates when the attire provides comfort combined with warmth.

Even lifestyle stores have come forth with the best results for snowboard and ski jackets. Every snowboarder would prefer to have the jacket with the perfect fit and size, but the fact remains that finding just the right product is not a piece of cake always. 

There are several factors that a buyer should consider while choosing the most-appropriate jacket for snowboarding. It is highly advisable that the buyers indulge in online research about the relevant product's best brand and features. This will help the buyer to bump into the right product.

Key Features to Look for in a Snowboard Jacket


There is no point wearing an attire that gets wet due to snow or rain during the sport. It is important to remain warm and dry throughout the boarding experience in the snow. So waterproofing of the garment is the top-rated feature that the snowboard jacket should be equipped with. 

So the obvious question that pops in your mind is how to find out whether the product is waterproof or not? There are three different ways in which the buyer can find it.

The Way the Seam has Been Sealed

The seams will be either 'fully seam-sealed' or 'critically taped.' Fully taped or seamed means that all the seams have been sealed and there is no opening for the water or snow to make its way inside. 

On the contrary, critically taped means only the major seams are sealed, and there is a little scope for snow and water to make its way inside the jacket. 

So it is recommended that the buyer should ask for or look for the 'fully seam-sealed' product for a safe and dry snowboarding experience. Flylow Snowboard Jacket can be a perfect fully seamed sealed product for the buyers who want to opt for full coverage. 

Waterproof Rating

Waterproof ratings are measured in millimetres. Usually, the range of waterproofing is between 5000-20,000 mm. Ratings help the buyer determine how much rain/snow the jacket can avoid in a period of 24-hours. 

The fact is that a jacket with a rating of 5000mm may allow little water to drip inside the jacket. Heavy rain and snow can penetrate through the jacket with 5000mm. But it cannot make its way through a 20,000mm water-proofed jacket. 

Jacket with 10,000mm can be a choice for light showers or snow. It can help the user remain dry. 15000 mm can be a better choice. So to sum up, it would be apt to say that a jacket with 5000mm waterproofing is not an ideal choice, but any jacket with 15000mm+ waterproofing (or gore-tex) can be the best bet to remain warm and dry even during heavy rain or snowfall. 


Gore-Tex is a breathable and waterproof fabric that is used for making high-performance clothing. It is an important element to consider in the waterproof garments that are worn in areas experiencing heavy rainfall and snow. 

It can stop rain from getting in, but it allows perspiration out. It makes the product insanely waterproof and yet breathable. Hence, snowboard jackets with gore-tex technology are considered an ideal buy for buyers. 

The important thing to consider here is that the product that is equipped with gore-tex technology will cost more than the one that is not. So if the buyer is willing to shell out a few extra bucks, then this is the best choice. It always comes with a fully seam-sealed option, and the manufacturer has to make sure about it.


It is an important factor that the buyer should look for while purchasing a snowboard jacket. The sport is a rigorous one and can lead to sweating. Hence, the wearer has to choose a product that allows him/her to breathe and perspire. 

Breathability of the product is an important factor because if the product is not a breathable one, then the user will not feel dry as the sweat will be trapped inside. Moreover, it will start stinking after a while, and the user will feel both uncomfortable and wet in some time. 

Breathability of the product is measured in terms of grams. The buyer can expect the breathability quotient to range between 3000g-20000g. A product with 8000g-10000g can provide the user with ideal breathability. 


Some buyers can even relate insulation with layering. It is important to be fully clad with warm clothing while indulging in winter sports. Snowboarding also requires the player to be equipped with warm attire. 

Generally, people wear inners and warmers followed by warm clothing layers, and lastly, the snowboard jacket is worn. Hence, some of the jackets may come wrapped with 'lining' or none at all. Some come wrapped with a variety of fillers too, but not more than 120g. 

Hence, some people may prefer to have a jacket with a thin lining. At the same time, some may prefer to have one with insulation. A functional innerwear followed by a thick layering of fleece is aptly considered good enough to keep the person warm. 

The last layer of the jacket can thus be light and thin one with or without lining. Everyone has different preferences and hence it is apt to conclude saying 'to each his own.'

Powder Skirt

This part of the snowboard jacket is an optional one. Hence, it is also called a detachable piece of fabric that is snapped closed around the waist. However, the main purpose of this feature is to keep the snow away from entering the front or back of the person that may interfere with the warmth of the body. 

The powder skirt helps to maintain the heat trapped in the clothing. On the contrary, if the person feels too warm, then unsnapping the powder skirt will allow the heat to escape and help the body temperature return to normal and feel comfortable.

Things to Look for, While Buying a Snowboard Jacket


Hood or without hood; this is a feature that depends upon the individual's wish. Detachable hoods can be easily removed and worn whenever required. During mild winters, it can be avoided. Some jackets have the hood permanently attached, and hence it cannot be detached. 

For the ones that have a detachable hood; it can be removed and stored in a special pocket in the jacket, especially meant for this purpose. This will prevent the hood from getting misplaced or lost.


Pockets are required to store the essentials like mobiles, wallet, keys, sunglasses, map, etc. Most clothing stores online have snowboard jackets that come attached with plenty of pockets, and hence storage is not a problem at all. 

Cinch Cord

This is situated at the bottom of the jacket and can be fastened. This does not allow water and snow to creep up the body of the user from the bottom hem.

Wrist Closure

This is a special feature that is found in most of the snowboard jackets. It can be fastened at the wrist barring the snow and water from entering the arms from the wrist. The closures are fastened with velcro or elastic.

Factors that Influence the Buying Decision of the Buyer


Size is a trivial factor that has to be considered by buyers. Normally, the product is available in varied sizes, and the buyers can read the size chart to buy the size that fits them. 


The pricing of the snowboard jacket depends upon the brand and the features of the product. Gore-tex products are expensive compared to the jackets sans the feature. The buyer will find one in the price range that they desire. Online comparison of the prices and features is also an easy option.

Appearance and Looks

Well, who does not want to look good? Snowboard jackets are available in different styles and colours. The buyers can look most stylish in such attire and experience a fun-filled outdoor adventure wearing a chic jacket. Burton Prowess Jacket meets style with functionality in real sense. It adds style and seals the chill for the rider to go on a perfect snowboarding activity.


Some several features and sizes are available in snowboard jackets. The buyer can even unveil several brands attached to the manufacturing of the same. A careful reading about the product description is most advised to help the buyers make the best buying decision. 

The good news is that as the market is full of several options, the buyer will surely find a product that will seem tailormade for him or her.

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