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Make delicious and healthy juice at home with masticating slow juicer. It has the latest slow squeezing technology to provide nutritious juice which helps to stay fit.

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  • Bests for juice lovers
  • Low- speed masticating technology
  • Easy and hassle-free washing
  • Easily make fresh juice for detoxifying body
  • Slow squeezing technology for making juice
  • Auto -Cleaning system for quickly cleaning process
  • High-quality design construction
  • 2 in 1 system for making juice and ice cream
  • Ideal for weight loss people to cut down extra calories
  • Stainless steel mesh filters
  • Quick rinse technology for completely clean
  • Easily assembly and disassemble system
  • Unique patented technology
  • Ideal for hotel and restaurant
  • Strong brushless motor for fast making juice
  • 100% BPA-Free design
  • Duo-blade auger for making faster juice
  • Provides juice cap to prevent leakage
  • Best for barbeque and parties
  • Advanced low-speed masticating technology
  • Includes kuving cleaning tools for quick clean
  • High-speed juicer with quit system to reduce vibration
  • Provide nutrient juice to improve immunity system
  • Easily extract the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins
  • Powerful motor with a dual-stage juicing system
  • Suitable for making juice and baby foods
  • FDA certified approved slow juicer
  • Auger squeezing and reverse feature
  • 3 year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Make Green leafy vegetables juice
  • Reverse feature for quickly making juices
  • Fast and efficient cleaning process
  • Improve appetite and digestive system

Buying Guide: How to Choose The Best Slow Juicer For Home?

Juicers are a common occurrence in every household that come in a variety of sizes. They help us with getting a lot of tasks accomplished. While a manual juicer could take hours, a Slow Juicer can make a juice out of any fruit or vegetable in a matter of minutes. If you don’t know how to pick the best brand slow juicer Kitchen Appliances that is readily available in the market, have a look at the Slow Juicer buying guide.

What is a slow juicer?

A lot of people do not know about the different types of juicers. A proper juice mixer at home with fast rotation and sharp blades are usually considered to be a juicer. But there are essentially two types of juicers- a slow juicer and a fast juicer. A slow juicer essentially grinds and chews through the flesh of the fruit slowly and in a hard way, to extract the maximum amount of juice through it. Most fruit juices are made through slow juicers and are the best way to get pure pulp with full nourishment and nutrients from the fruit.

Slow juicers are also referred to as masticating juicers or cold press juicers since they use slow gears and blades to peel in each layer of the fruit and extract juice from them.

Features of Slow Juicers

Before we discuss different features of a slow juicer, we need to know the two types of slow juicers first and their benefits.

Vertical Masticating Juicers

These juicers are made and built upright (vertical) and hence have a cap on top, and the main grinding takes place in the juicing chamber located in the center. Another important feature of a vertical juicer is that it mostly self cleans and it is easy to get rid of fruit strands.

Horizontal Masticating Juicer

Usually best for grinding green, leafy vegetables, this type of masticating juicer has a horizontal chamber with extra blades that help in fierce grinding and getting more juice. It can be used for mincing, making nut butter and pasta.

Now the following are the features one should look for while choosing the best slow juicer.


Modern-day slow juicers do come in compact sizes and are easy to assemble and use. Therefore, simplicity is a key feature of a juicer. The amount of space it takes up in the kitchen and how easily it can be packed back into its box when not in use is also important. Plus, the ease of cleaning is also the main feature to think.

Size of the feed tube

Depending on the task, a slow juicer has to do, the size of the feed tube is important. If the juicer is supposed to be used to grind fruits, a good size of 3 inches is recommended. For tighter fruits or green leafy vegetables, one should go for greater than 3 inches.

Size of the pulp container

A large pulp container makes the juicer efficient as it can grind most sizes of fruits, especially two fruits at once. Hence, increasing efficiency and taking less effort to grind a fruit or green vegetable.

Pulp Yield

Expensive slow juicers have a very good quality of pulp yield. To choose the best one, see the arrangement of the blades. The more blades it has, the more grinding and churning of the fruit is done. Therefore, choose slow juicers with the proper blade-gear arrangement.

Availability of Spare Parts

A very common concern amongst buyers is to search for spare replaceable parts if the juicers stop working. Therefore, go for slow juicer brands that have a large number of service centers spread across the area and are renowned for the way they treat customers and their juicer problems.

Multipurpose Slow Juicers

Masticating or slow juicers should be able to grind a wide variety of items apart from fruits, including coffee beans, nuts for nut butter, spices and can easily help in making baby foods.


To know the reliability of the juicer, read the customer reviews on several online markets. Research on the materials it has been made. Also, how frequently the users using the slow juicer have reported a problem from the day that they bought it.

Material Quality 

The omega slow juice maker is made of plastic and iron blades. But the expensive yet quality slow juicers are made of better quality plastic and stainless steel blades. Hence choose the best slow juicer for fruits or leafy vegetables made with stainless steel blades and a good quality motor having a long warranty.

Energy-efficient Motor

Slow juices are manual or automatic. The automatic ones come with different motors depending upon the intensity of the grinding it has to do. Therefore opting for the right Aicook Slower Juicer is important. To find the right motor size according to the requirement, see the size of the pulp container. If the container size is small, the motor will be small and only able to churn small nuts and vegetables.


To choose less noisy motors, go for the brushless motors in slow automatic juicers. They are less noisy compared to the cheap motors that make a lot of noise. Therefore, go for less noisy, slow juicers, and dry test run them before purchasing.


Most slow juicers come with a motor warranty of a minimum of 5 years. The best quality slow juicers come with a motor warranty of more than ten years. They fix motor problems and internal wiring defects that may occur during its course of usage.

Reviews and Ratings

Always choose the brands of slow juicers that are well renowned and have decent customer relations. To find this out, reviews and ratings about the product is always a good way to get a different insight about the product, directly from the customer's point of view. Online shopping sites are the best portals for critical reviews where customers share their exact thoughts about the product and leave a rating. Choose a juicer that has an average rating of 4 or more out of 5.

Customer Service

The strength and reliability of a brand are developed by their customer relationship even after selling the product. The availability of customer care, the response time to a problem and the patience with which a customer is treated are very important. Therefore, you should also look for reviews that talk about how the response to a problem has been by the company and how quickly and efficiently were they able to sort and fix the problems of the customer. This also includes the minimum amount of time required by the company to send over a mechanic affiliated by the company to the customer's house.

Benefits of a Slow Juicer

As discussed above, a cold press juicer or a slow juicer has multiple benefits compared to a fast or a centrifugal juicer. They are as follows:

No Oxidation

The rate of oxidation is less when the fruits, vegetables are being ground and churned slowly, and the chamber is enclosed tightly in such a way that there is minimum exposure to air. Some fruits need to be consumed instantly after its juice has been ground out, like sweet lime and Sugar Cane juice, which tend to turn sour after being in contact with air due to oxidation.

Long-lasting Freshness

Apart from certain fruits and vegetables, most of the juice that is produced by the slow juicer has a very long shelf-life if stored properly. The slow juicers grind fruits and vegetables with precision and time; hence the nutrients and important enzymes are not lost in the process.

Maximum Nutrients

The fruits and vegetables which are churned at a slow pace help in the gentle extraction of the natural sugars, vitamins, minerals, vital enzymes, and other important elements.

Preservation of Nutrients

One of the most important things that a slow juicer does for the fruits and vegetables is that it conserves the nutrients. Since the extraction process is slow, no heat is generated, and hence no important nutrients are lost in the process.

No Temperature Increase

The main drawback of a fast juicer is that it increases the temperature while churning the fruits and vegetables at high speed. Higher the speed, the more increase in temperature. At high temperature, it is not able to retain its nutrients properly as at high temperatures; raw juices are not pasteurized enough. Therefore, even though slow juicers take time to juice out a fruit or a vegetable, they are fresh, healthy and tasty too.

Easy to Absorb

The cold juices that are extracted by using a slow juicer for fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that are easily absorbed by the body. The freshness is retained, and the quality remains unchanged.

Applying on Body

There are a lot of people who slowly grind fruits or vegetables to improve their skin by applying the juice or the semi-solid substance that is extracted by the juicer. Therefore, these juices also come in handy as a way to make a natural remedy for the skin.


Juicers are more common in households that have diet conscious people- having a glass of health drink, or a fruit juice can change how our day will turn out to be. While a good juicer can make your day, a bad one can create a ruckus over a simple task of juicing. However, while choosing the Kuvings slow juicer, make sure you follow this guide. The best slow juicers for leafy green vegetables and fruits are available at reasonable prices in the market and do not take much time to spruce up a drink.

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