Best Skin Care Products For Oily Skin

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Get Rid of Oily Skin By Picking The Best Skincare Products

It is essential to be aware of one's skin type and its medical and health condition. There are four types; oily, dry, normal, and combination. An individual should have basic knowledge about skin type as it will help the person recognize his or her tone type and then make use of the skincare products that are optimum to compliment the type. 

If a person is ignorant about his or her skin type and uses the wrong products, then the skin can get rough, patchy, acne-prone, or damaged. Everyone needs a certain level and amount of oil on the face for its goodness and wellness. Skin-type can be easily determined by the level of oil it produces. 

This article is dedicated to the oily skin type. It is important to understand the term 'oily' for the skin. As the name suggests, it shows oil secretion on the surface. When the production of sebum from sebaceous glands is more, then it shows oily tendencies. 

It leads to enlarged pores on the skin, and it can be visible with naked eyes. Special and the best skincare products for oily and acne treatment products are easily available in the market. 

The users should be aware of the ingredients in the product before purchasing the same. If the oil is left untreated, it can lead to clogged and enlarged pores and issues that can follow after that, most importantly being break-outs like pimples.

What is the Reason for Oily Skin?

The skin has sebaceous glands that are located within it. It is responsible for secreting the oily texture on the face called sebum. The main work of sebum is to keep them hydrated and protect it from dryness. When sebum production is under controlled levels, then it is happy, hydrated, and irritable elements. But when the skin produces sebum overly, the problem begins.

How to Recognize Oily Skin?

  • If the face exhibits greasiness and appears to be shiny, understand that your skin is probably under the oily category.
  • Make seems to slide off the skin and is not on for a longer period, as expected.
  • The areas of the face that overproduces sebum will develop pimples and blackheads.
  • Areas like the nose, forehead, and chin will exhibit enlarged pores that are easily visible. This area of the face is also called the T-zone. This area has active oil production that makes it more greasy than the rest of the face. 

However, a vital factor to consider here is that if a person has an oily T-zone, but the rest of the face is normal, then the person has a Combinational skin type, meaning a blend of the oily and normal types. 

Who is Prone to Develop Oily Skin?

It is also a hereditary problem. If your parents suffered from it, the chances you may also suffer from the same problem are quite high. Another important factor that leads to oily skin type is the hormone issue. 

It may become active during puberty, when a girl/lady faces her menstrual cycle, or when a woman experiences menopause. These are the phases in life when the body goes through hormonal issues, and the results can be pimples on the skin. 

If you think that oily is a curse, you need to know an important fact. Since the secretion of sebum is more, it keeps the naturally hydrated most of the time. Hence, this tends to slow the process of wrinkles occurring on the face. Premature wrinkles are not more likely to appear in such types. 

9 Useful Tips and Products to Take Care of Oily Skin

Though certain grooming products have been aimed to take care of the oily skin particularly, a few tips can help keep the problem at bay. 

Cleansing the Face

The most important beauty regime is to keep the face clean. It is essential to wash the face and use the face wash that can keep the oiliness away. However, using the face wash twice a day is more than enough. 

A gentle cleanser should be used because oily skin is sensitive to pimples, and hence the user should pick a gentle or mild cleanser on the skin. Avene oil-free cleanser is a product that is worth purchasing. It is primarily helpful for an ageing face. It also proves to be a great product for sensitive skin. It can be easily found in the online store.

Using Cold Water

Using cold water and some sensitive skincare items for teenagers is recommended for oily skin as it is very helpful to close the pores. Once the user is done with face washing, it is ideal for closing the process with a splash of cold water on the face. It will help in closing the pores.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

While purchasing grooming products for an oily tone, always buy one that is aimed for the type. Also, ensure that it is not loaded with chemicals. Avoid using fragrance soaps. Heavy moisturizers should be completely avoided as it can make the more oily and irritable. Thus the result can be an aggravated oily care problem.

Don't Over Scrub 

Scrubbing is not highly recommended for an oily care regime. Though a mild scrubber can be a great one, scrubbing daily is not required. Limiting the process to twice a week with a mild scrubber is ideal. 

Avoid Rough Products

Using products with a rough texture will further cause irritation that is not good for the oily tone. The individual has to be aware of such products so that distance with such can be maintained. Look for a product with particular acids that are helpful to treat oily skin issues:

  • Salicylic acid
  • Beta-hydroxy acid
  • Glycolic acid
  • Benzoyl peroxide

It is also important to note here that the ingredients mentioned above may not suit all oily types. So it is better to do a patch test to avoid any complications on the skin. 

Neutrogena is a very effective facial cleanser with the powerful ingredient Salicylic Acid formula to take care of the oily face. Excess oil and dirt can be effectively removed from the skin, and the user will feel refreshed after cleansing the face with the face wash.

Use a Toner

Astringent toners have the property to dry the tone because these are alcohol-based. It can be a good option for oily skincare. Natural toner like witch hazel is a great option for the skin, and the toners that include the ingredient are a great option for the oily types. 

It also helps to reduce inflammation and close the enlarged pores. However, it may not suit all oily types, and the user should take a patch test to be sure of the product. 

Pat the Skin Dry

This is an important tip that your beauty expert may provide you with. It is ideal for patting dry the face after washing for oily. Using a soft towel to pat them dry can be a good option after cleansing and toning the skin. 

Using a rough towel or washcloth or pulling the face down harshly to dry it with the washcloth is not at all a good idea. It can irritate the face.

Using Facial Mask

Clay, honey, and oatmeal-based facial masks are good for oily skin. So try to purchase the product that reflects the presence of such ingredients. Sephora skincare products have earned a high reputation in the market. The clay mask is gathering positive reviews amongst the users. 

Use Oil-free Moisturizer

This can be the most trivial purchase for buyers. Buy a moisturizer that is mild and oil-free because oily skin has natural oils. Aloe Vera-based moisturizers can be a great option for the buyers. Reading the product description and ingredients is a good habit as it helps the buyer buy the most suitable product.


It is simple to take care of oily tone woes with a grooming routine that works best with particular care products from brands like CeraVe

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